On June 28, the most popular, the spot opening of

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On June 28, the spot opening of China Plastics PVC had little change, and the transaction remained to be observed

China Plastics price index rose 1.48 points to 1296.60 points; The China Plastics spot index rose 0.16 points to 1232.75

I. upstream express:

wti-8 futures in New York commodity futures trading was $68.97 per barrel, up $1.20 from the previous trading day, and Brent crude oil futures in August on the London Intercontinental Exchange was $70.53 per barrel, up $0.36 from the previous trading day

the latest quotation of Far East ethylene is stable, FOB South Korea 1020 US dollars/ton

II. Manufacturer dynamics:

the production of Wuhan Xianglong PVC device is normal. The ex factory quotation of type 5 electric stone is 7400 yuan/ton, and the ex factory price outside the province is 7300 yuan/ton. The manufacturer's sales situation is OK, and there is basically no inventory

the production of LG Dagu PVC plant in Tianjin is normal, and the price is slightly reduced today. The ex factory quotation of tl-1000 is 8050 yuan/ton, and the ex factory quotation of tl-800 is 8100 yuan/ton. The shipment is normal

the production of Shandong Bohui PVC device is normal. Today, the ex factory quotation is reduced to 7200 yuan/ton. The manufacturer's sales situation is general, and the inventory pressure is not great

the production of Shanghai chlor alkali PVC plant is normal. Today, in view of the above information to be tested, the price is stable. The delivery price around ethylene 1000 is 8400 yuan/ton, the acceptance price is 8500 yuan/ton, and the manufacturer's sales are normal

III. market situation:

7300 yuan was delivered to the PVC market in East China, but most traders insisted on 7300 yuan for delivery, generally 7350 yuan was delivered to the mainstream, and the transaction was also very reluctantly. Now the landing price of Jiangsu and Zhejiang calcium carbide has reached 3300 yuan fd/ton, and the sales of PVC products that can be further processed into insulation boards and other products are about 7300 yuan. If PVC enterprises reduce again, they will certainly lose money. However, PVC does have pressure, so corporate losses are inevitable

transactions in the Pearl River Delta market have not improved. The impact strength of PVC is the ratio of impact energy (in J) to the area under the gap. The field price is in the mainstream of 7350 yuan (with tickets). Some people are also insisting. 7. Scientists have developed a highly practical operation of prefabricated perforated plastic tiles (without tickets), and the number of transactions is not large. It is generally believed that prices should fall again, so we continue to wait and see with money, and the situation that there is a price but no market in the market makes people less concerned about PVC, and PVC pressure continues to be on production enterprises

the PVC market of Qilu Chemical City opened today with little change. In the morning, the price of Qilu s700 was 7980 yuan/ton, the price of S1000 was about 7730 yuan/ton, and the price of qs1050p remained 7600 yuan/ton. The supply of goods is still small, and the transaction remains to be seen

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