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Jinghong appliance released 630 new refrigerator products, and the development strategic outline of "building an enterprise with technology" is gradually clear.

from November 28 to 30, China (Hefei) home appliances and consumer electronics can extend its application life. The Expo was held in Hefei Binhu International Convention and Exhibition center. Jinghong electric appliance, a cutting-edge brand in the field of domestic refrigerators, also attended the exhibition and released its new product "630 refrigerator" on the 29th. From November 28 to 30, China (Hefei) home appliances and consumer electronics Expo was held in Hefei Binhu International Convention and Exhibition Center. Jinghong electric appliance, a cutting-edge brand in the field of domestic refrigerators, also attended the exhibition and released its new 630 refrigerator on the 29th

at the exhibition, many insiders spoke highly of this product. Its focus is mainly on the following aspects: the embrako variable frequency compressor used in this refrigerator can operate more intelligently, reduce temperature fluctuations, and consume less than one kilowatt hour of electricity every day; Independent double circulation technology ensures the freshness and constant taste of food; 630 super large space, providing excellent space management; Excellent refrigeration and moisturizing properties ensure the authenticity of food. In addition, according to the enterprise policy, if you buy this refrigerator from June 1, 2013 to May 31, 2014, if the product itself has quality problems, you can enjoy 2-year free replacement service

in addition, the person in charge of Jinghong Electric Co., Ltd. also triggered extensive discussion on the development strategy of the enterprise at this press conference. In recent years, as a cutting-edge brand in the domestic refrigerator industry, Jinghong appliance has always been highly praised. Jinghong on the tip of the tongue and the refrigerator of gourmet are the most appropriate descriptions in the industry and the market. The person in charge introduced to the media that since its establishment, high standards and high technology have been the consistent development concept of Jinghong

it is understood that when Jinghong refrigerator was launched in large quantities in May 2012, consumers were amazed at its high quality; In September of the same year, its two-year free replacement service once again caused industry shock; This year, zhongjinghong made another heavy blow. While extending the policy, it expanded the scope of application and added nearly 10 series of products; Not long ago, at the China home appliance Expo, Jinghong's all air-cooled Italian frost free four door refrigerator Italian 320, which is aimed at middle and high-end people, surprised everyone

in fact, after understanding Jinghong's experience, you will understand why this young enterprise is favored by everyone: its persistence in technological innovation is its long-term adherence

in 2010, Jinghong refrigerator set the goal of reaching the leading level in the industry in terms of market size and product technology within five years. On June 30, 2013, Hefei Jinghong Mitsubishi Electric Appliance Technology Development Co., Ltd., a joint venture between Hefei Jinghong electric appliance and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation of Japan, was officially established. The company specializes in the technical research and product development of high-end refrigerators. Jinghong and Mitsubishi jointly hold shares, with a total investment of $5million in its high-pressure turbine sealing device. Experts in China's home appliance industry commented that the important factors contributing to this cooperation are Jinghong's corporate philosophy of building enterprises with technology, attaching importance to research and development, and good development prospects

investment in technology has also brought fruitful returns to enterprises. 2013 is the harvest year of Jinghong electric

in this year, Jinghong won many honorary titles, such as the 2013 Industrial Design Innovation Award and the most growing household appliance brand in 2013. It is understood that the award ceremony has become the highest honor in the field of home appliance technology in China because of its comprehensive, authoritative and professional selection. Not only that, as of May 2013, the production and sales of Jinghong refrigerators have reached 700000 units, and the annual target has reached 1.5 million units

although the market competition is fierce, the Jinghong refrigerator, which was born in Hefei, the emerging home appliance capital, in 2006, has sold more than one million units a year in just a few years, and its explosive growth has attracted the attention of the entire industry

some industry experts pointed out that technology leadership is the key to the continuous success of Jinghong. Jinghong pays attention to the research and development of science and technology. At present, it has a technology research and development team of more than 200 people, a research and development test center of 11000 square meters, and perfect instruments and testing equipment. These foundations are the guarantee for it to continuously improve the quality of products and achieve the perfection of details

in this regard, hexuebin, general manager of Jinghong electric appliance, said to Jinghong that quality, technology and quality are the unchanging corporate philosophy of Jinghong. At present, Jinghong has a very professional research and development technology team, with strong scientific and technological research and development capabilities to support the comprehensive design and development of the appearance and performance of cutting-edge products. Unlike most enterprises in the current market who focus on marketing and shout slogans, Jinghong pays more attention to the spirit of hard work and focuses on product quality and technological development. Jinghong Electric will always adhere to the quality line and rely on technology to promote the development of the enterprise. He said

recently, the annual research report on China's refrigerator industry (2012) released by the industry consulting company industry showed that in 2012, China's refrigerator industry fell into a downturn on the whole, and the output of some leading enterprises fell sharply, while the industry's cutting-edge Jinghong refrigerator became the highlight of the refrigerator industry with a growth rate of more than 100%

in this regard, bingxuwei, President of the current research institute of China household appliances, said: looking at the current Chinese household appliance industry, innovation has become the energy source driving the industry to continuously develop the key technologies for the preparation of high-performance filter media of Sinoma membrane materials, surpassing the international level exhibition. We should pay more attention to those household appliance brands with international development potential and industry growth potential, so that the whole industry can achieve the goal of transformation and upgrading through innovation

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