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  • Detail's "Qingliu plan" and 200000 businesses compete to be "energy-saving responsibilities"

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the 2020 "national energy conservation publicity week" with the theme of "green waters, green mountains, energy conservation and efficiency enhancement" officially kicked off on June 29. On the day of launch, the national development and Reform Commission and the Beijing Municipal People's government released the initiative of "dealing with plastic pollution and promoting green packaging" on CCTV, calling on e-commerce express enterprises to take effective measures to promote the reduction of express packaging and reduce the use of disposable non degradable plastic packaging bags, plastic woven bags, plastic tapes, etc

as the co sponsor of the initiative, green logistics has always been the key strategy of JD logistics. As early as June 2017, I'll tell you what can't be done. JD logistics and its upstream and downstream partners in the supply chain jointly launched the green supply chain action - Qingliu plan. The "Qingliu plan" takes waste classification and treatment as an important starting point for the practice of green environmental protection, and classifies the logistics waste generated in the whole chain of commodity production, packaging, warehousing, transportation and distribution. At present, 200000 businesses have participated in the plan

duanyanjian, head of the Qingliu program of JD logistics, said that promoting green recycling packaging is one of the important measures to effectively deal with plastic pollution and promote the formation of a green production and lifestyle, and it is incumbent on all enterprises in the logistics field. Facing many problems such as environmental pollution and resource waste, JD logistics has always been engaged in the cause of green, sustainable and environmental protection for more than ten years. Qingliu plans to promote the use of "Qingliu boxes" in nearly 30 cities across the country for a long time, and carry out the "idle carton recycling plan" nationwide for a long time

up to now, JD logistics has saved nearly 1.3 million tons of paper and reduced the use of plastic by more than 50000 tons through paperless operations in the warehouse, reduced packaging, recycling packaging and carton recycling and reuse. This year, Qingliu plan was also selected into the "lighthouse plan" of the world economic forum, which was promoted to the world as a classic case of global sustainable development

in the past "618", JD logistics also launched new energy vehicles through large-scale engineering plastics: polyether ether ketone, polyaryl sulfide (low chlorine grade), polyimide and film, high activity nylon, aramid fiber material products, environmental friendly flame retardant engineering plastics, heat conducting nylon, engineering plastics for bearings, nylon composites for automobiles, aramid III long fiber, and put green flow boxes, fresh and heat preservation turnover boxes and circulation transfer bags into use, While doing a good job of "safe, efficient and green" service guarantee, we should also practice the concept of environmental protection and energy conservation in every delivery. According to statistics, this year's "618" JD logistics reduced 42000 tons of express waste, recycled and reused 32.5 million cartons, and put nearly 5million recycled packaging such as green flow boxes

in addition, in order to convey some consumption ideas to consumers, JD logistics piloted the delivery packaging consumables with garbage classification marks in Beijing to facilitate consumers' classification of waste consumables and strengthen consumers' garbage classification, which means better utilization of plastics, but its size tolerance requirements are very low, and the recycled particles industry awareness

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