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Jingliu diesel will enter the gas station "cliff style" to reduce pollutant emissions

Jingliu diesel will enter the gas station "cliff style" to reduce pollutant emissions

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Jingliu oil with better quality than the national five standards may be enjoyed by car owners in advance. According to the requirements of relevant departments, Beijing will implement the sixth stage standard of vehicle gasoline and diesel from January 1, 2017. According to Sinopec Beijing Petroleum Branch, the replacement of oil products with a maximum span of 550mm has been started at the beginning of this month and will be supplied in advance in the middle of this month

"the government stipulates that the replacement period of Beijing VI oil products is from January 1 to March 1, 2017. In order to complete the replacement task on time and avoid oil products being out of stock, Beijing Petroleum has adopted the method of natural replacement one month in advance to arrange the replacement task." Tian Changshuo, director of the operation and Management Department of Beijing Petroleum Branch, introduced

the so-called natural replacement means that when delivering oil to the gas station, the oil of Beijing VI standard is supplied in advance, and after a period of smooth transition of oil dilution, it finally fully meets the Beijing VI standard

it is learned that the gasoline grade of the gas station will not change after the replacement of Jingliu oil, and it is still No. 92, No. 95 and No. 98 gasoline. In terms of price, during the transition period of replacement, Beijing liuyou will not increase the price. However, due to the replacement of higher quality oil products, the cost will also increase, and the price of new oil products will be adjusted from the existing price. However, the price of new oil products is still being declared and approved

as for the silent and pollution-free mixing of the two oil products, the person in charge of Sinopec Beijing Petroleum Branch also said that there was no problem with the mixing of the two, so the natural replacement of oil products for upgrading was safe and reliable. At the same time, the owner did not have to clean the oil tank before changing to Jingliu oil in accordance with gb/t 7108 ⑵ 002

for gasoline vehicle owners, the replacement of Jing Liu oil will not have a significant change in fuel consumption, but for emissions, it can be described as a "cliff" to reduce the emission of pollutants. The formulation of Jing Liu gasoline standard combines the Euro 6 standard and the more stringent California gasoline standard. Taking the olefin content as an example, the limit of national fifth gasoline is still 24%, while that of Beijing sixth gasoline is less than 15%. Biodiesel and detergent are also required to be added to the diesel oil of Beijing VI standard, which will reduce the blockage of fuel injection nozzle and the emission of particulate matter and nitrogen oxides

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