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JD logistics' next city unmanned distribution war is in full swing

JD logistics' next city unmanned distribution war is in full swing

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original title: JD logistics' next city unmanned distribution war is in full swing

on January 10, a JD Y3 UAV successfully completed its first delivery in Guang'an, Sichuan Province, marking the official start of the normalized operation of JD logistics's UAV in Sichuan Guang'an business department. It is reported that this is also the group's first pilot of normalized operation of drone distribution in the southwest region. Previously, JD logistics' first distribution robot in Sichuan was also put into use in Colleges and universities last October

it is revealed that JD logistics has opened three UAV flight routes in Guang'an at the same time. Due to the difficulty of active measurement and control, the main models of UAV order distribution are Y3 and V3, and the load is between 5 kg and 30 kg. In addition to bulky goods, the vast majority of products such as fresh food, electronics, clothing and other products can be delivered by UAV. said that in the future, logistics will synchronously apply for the normalized operation of UAVs in more regions of Sichuan and Chongqing

looking back on the mileage of JD logistics' unmanned distribution at the end, we can see that the group has made great moves in 2018. At the time of June 18, JD distribution robots were in Haidian District, Beijing, and their machines were very sophisticated, opening the world's first full scene normalized distribution operation. Then, on November 22, the opening ceremony of JD logistics distribution robot intelligent distribution station was held in Changsha, which means that the group's first intelligent distribution station in the world, which is completed by robots, has been officially put into use and can stabilize production. Later, at the end of December, JD logistics' second domestic intelligent distribution demonstration base, Inner Mongolia intelligent distribution station, was officially opened in Helingeer new area, Inner Mongolia

at the same time, Alibaba's rookie network is also developing unmanned distribution, and its terminal unmanned distribution vehicle robot has been updated from small G to small G plus. Suning's unmanned distribution system, which is composed of unmanned vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles and distribution robots, is also growing. Its unmanned aerial vehicles have achieved normal operation in rural areas of Zhejiang and Anhui

in addition to e-commerce platforms, logistics and takeout enterprises will naturally not be absent. For example, features such as stable performance last August, Yuantong used UAV technology to complete the delivery of express at the end of the mountain. In November, Shunfeng's UAV express connection cabinet was officially put into use in Ganzhou Nankang. In addition, the future logistics team established by hungry also successively developed the distribution drone and the distribution robot "wanxiaohungry", while the competitor meituan released the driverless distribution platform, trying to establish an unmanned distribution ecological alliance

it is reported that at the 52nd International Consumer Electronics Exhibition (CES) held recently, meituan will also display products such as indoor distribution robots and unmanned distribution vehicles. The two members of meituan's unmanned distribution family, "magic bags" and "small bags" will all appear. There is no doubt that unmanned distribution technology has become the focus of all parties

however, China's unmanned distribution is still not mature. On the one hand, the traffic safety concerns caused by unmanned vehicles have not been really solved; On the other hand, although policies have been issued to regulate unmanned aerial vehicles, the policy in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles is still unclear. In addition, in terms of cost control, technology development, combination of actual scenarios and marketization, many enterprises also have a lot of homework to do. There is still a long way to go to achieve large-scale popularization of unmanned distribution

Shu Zhenjie, deputy chief engineer of the China Institute of Aeronautical Technology and executive secretary of the International Association for standardization of unmanned aerial vehicle systems, once said that from the perspective of technological maturity, it will take 10 years for unmanned vehicles to be on the road and unmanned aerial vehicles to be truly put into use

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