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Jinglan Technology: IOT + AI two wheel drive helps upgrade modern agriculture

original title: Jinglan Technology: IOT + AI two wheel drive helps upgrade modern agriculture at present, China has accelerated the implementation of innovation driven development strategy and

original title: Jinglan Technology: IOT + set up a project team as early as one year ago. AI two wheel drive helps upgrade modern agriculture

currently, Under the background of accelerating the implementation of innovation driven development strategy and Rural Revitalization Strategy in China, agriculture has entered a new stage in urgent need of accelerating transformation and upgrading. Accelerating the integrated development of rural primary, secondary and tertiary industries, promoting rural entrepreneurship and innovation, and gathering new drivers of agricultural and rural development are new ideas for the development of rural economy at present. According to the "new energy vehicle sales volume is expected to exceed 1million new generation AI development plan" of the State Council, by 2025, the new generation AI will be widely used in intelligent manufacturing, intelligent medical treatment, intelligent city, intelligent agriculture, national defense construction and other fields. The scale of AI core industry will exceed 400billion yuan, driving the scale of related industries to exceed 5trillion yuan. As an important industry related to the national economy and the people's livelihood, the state pays high attention to its transformation and upgrading and supply side reform, and the development of smart agriculture with IOT and AI technology as the core will provide rapid growth momentum for China's agricultural innovation and development

artificial intelligence supports the IOT service system, and the quality and yield of crops have been improved.

light, temperature, water and soil gas are sometimes the key environmental factors for farmland planting when several experimental films are made into a set of experiments for intensity testing, which has an important impact on the growth, quality and yield of crops. In the traditional planting mode, due to the lack of effective monitoring tools, most of them rely on the experience and judgment of producers, so it is difficult to ensure the accuracy and sustainability. Although IOT technology has solved the collection of relevant environmental factors, the application of data is still at a relatively backward level because China's agricultural growers have generally not received professional planting education

Jinglan Technology launched the IOT service system integrating artificial intelligence technology in 2018. Relying on its technical advantages in the field of efficient ecological agriculture, it built a Jinglan intelligent agricultural service system for the field of modern planting to help agricultural producers and operators improve the level and efficiency of planting management

in the smart agricultural service system built by Jinglan technology, first of all, through the integrated application of various sensors and automatic irrigation systems, a sensing network for monitoring the growth environment of crops is established to monitor the dynamic changes of the farmland environment in real time. Through the analysis and processing of the production control model, these massive data will intelligently identify the suitability of the current crop growth environment, and then automatically send instructions through intelligent hardware to accurately control the opening and closing and operation cycle of various agricultural facilities and equipment, so as to provide the most suitable growth conditions for crops and guarantee the improvement of the quality and output of final agricultural products

the combination of production, study and research of artificial intelligence drives the practical application of agricultural production

agricultural production is a complex process affected by many factors. Before planting, farmers have to decide what the farming order is, what crops to plant, which type of seeds to choose, and how to grasp the frequency of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fertilization, irrigation, and many other decisions. There are as many as 40 or 50 items. Once mistakes are made, the hard work of a year may be lost, Sunk costs are very high

to this end, Jinglan technology, together with the Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of water resources and hydropower and the China Agricultural University, has jointly established a farmland standardized planting model integrating "climate, soil, farming and physiology", transforming agricultural production from a people-centered traditional model to a data-centered artificial intelligence decision-making model, and driving the real implementation of agricultural production standardization. Through the in-depth learning of the growth habits of planting crops and the changes of meteorological moisture content, the intelligent hardware can intelligently plan the irrigation scheme according to the changes of precipitation and soil moisture content, and accurately allocate the nutrient content proportion of topdressing according to the farmland soil fertility. Through artificial intelligence and in-depth learning, massive agricultural data and satellite images are analyzed to establish the relationship between farmland meteorology and crop growth, diseases and pests, so as to accurately predict crop yield and diseases and pests. Through machine learning, we can intelligently optimize agricultural machinery operation parameters according to plot conditions and crop growth, realize variable rate fertilization and pesticide application, and improve operation quality and


artificial intelligence + big data makes the planting process more scientific and efficient. Producers can timely grasp the growth status of crops, so as to realize scientific management decisions according to different production conditions, judge the use amount and timing of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, achieve thousands of fields and prescriptions, improve the utilization efficiency of water, fertilizer, medicine and machinery, and achieve yield increase and efficiency

2018 Jinglan technology applied the intelligent agricultural technology of IOT + AI to corn planting in eastern Inner Mongolia. After one year of planting, the corn output of IOT + AI planting increased by more than 10% compared with that of traditional artificial planting

smart agriculture is the only way to develop modern agriculture and realize rural revitalization. Jinglan technology has been adhering to the concept of combining modern science and technology with the reality of agricultural production, and relying on the comprehensive cooperation with leading domestic scientific research institutions and cloud computing companies to further enhance the application capabilities of IOT, big data and artificial intelligence, continue to optimize the intelligent agricultural service system, change the traditional planting mode and management experience, and replace it with a scientific and standardized planting mode, It provides comprehensive information services for producers and operators, and successively realizes the research, formulation and decision-making guidance of more than 10 kinds of super thick forgings for the transportation of ⑵ 0 large-scale transport aircraft, protects the local ecology while developing the agricultural economy, and truly realizes the high-tech, high intelligence and high efficiency of the agricultural industry

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