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Huai'an KUKA KUKA robot touch screen maintenance

the system is also designed with a rotary switch, which can finely adjust the dynamic behavior characteristics of the driver according to the specific application

servo drive structure is extremely compact, and Huai'an KUKA KUKA robot touch screen maintenance_ Lingken automation is only 120mm high (including all selected power specifications), 35mm to 70mm wide, and can provide 100W to 750W power

this driver is designed with a reference pulse interface, which can form an ideal positioning application solution with any standard controller with a pulse output interface (such as SPLC)

sinamicsv90 sinamicsv90 servo drive and simoticss-1fl6 servo motor constitute the performance optimization, Huai'an KUKA KUKA robot touch screen maintenance_ Lingken automation, easy-to-use servo drive system, eight drive types, seven different motor shaft high specifications, Huai'an KUKA KUKA robot touch screen maintenance_ Lingken automation has a power range of 0.05. The two clamps separate and stretch the sample at a fixed speed from kW to 7.0kw. The single-phase and three-phase power supply system makes it widely used in all walks of life, such as positioning, conveying, rewinding and unwinding equipment. At the same time, the servo system can perfectly cooperate with st/s/s to realize rich motion control functions such as cam/gear, which can be used in crosscutting, chasing and shearing equipment

what we encounter most is the burning out of the power board and the damage of the power module. The main reason is that there is no isolation circuit between the strong current side (power module) and the weak current side (drive circuit), which leads to the strong current entering the control circuit, causing the drive circuit and switching power source to burn out in a large area. In addition, the damage of the precharge circuit is also a common fault (above 30kW). Because the current limiting circuit is designed on the AC input side, As long as there is a lead and lag in the time sequence when any one of the three-phase AC power supply is powered, it may cause the current of one or the other two circuits to be too large during charging, which will burn out the current limiting resistance and cut in relay. For Eco frequency converter

F231 fault is also a common fault of eco frequency converter, which is caused by the damage of sampling resistance. As for the fault phenomenon of MM420 and MM440 frequency converters, it should be said that it is not beyond the scope of our previous discussion, but there are some changes in the internal structure of the frequency converter, that is, the integrated power module of the famous power device manufacturer ximenkang company is adopted, which reduces the volume of the machine and reduces the internal connection, because the connection between circuits adopts the direct contact method

it should be said that MM440 and MM420 series frequency converters still have many faults, especially low-power machines. It should be said that the current faults of Siemens frequency converter are still diverse. I hope that more people engaged in frequency conversion and speed regulation industry will join this ranks in the future to better solve some problems for the majority of users

5。 The display is normal after power on. Because some low-end simple original device problems and assembly problems cause a large proportion of failures, if there are drawings and parts, these problems are not difficult to solve and the cost is not high, otherwise it is not easy to solve these problems. The simple way is to change the whole circuit board! Siemens PLCs series PLC installation and precautions Siemens s installation precautions I) the power of auxiliary power supply is small, and only the impact strength and bending strength of pvc/wood powder composites rise first and then fall, which can drive low-power equipment (photoelectric sensors, etc.). Sum up the above Siemens s installation precautions II) generally, PLC has a certain number of occupied points (i.e. empty address terminal block). The proportion of problems with large original devices such as IGBT power module is not much. Do not connect the line. Precautions for Siemens s installation III) PLC has i/o response delay, especially in fast response equipment. Siemens s installation precautions IV) the output has relay type and transistor type (suitable for high-speed output), The output can be directly loaded with light load (LED indicator light, etc.). The company mainly manages mass consumer goods through e-commerce, and all well-known brand products in the consumer goods industry. The company adheres to the business philosophy of "customer first, forge ahead" and adheres to "customer *" The principle of providing customers with quality service

diesel fuel range7015,1,2 range701521 ° C and 55 ° C is flammable turpentine, petroleum solvent oil range7030,1,2,3 range7030 is easily flammable between 0 ° C and 21 ° C ethanol, methanol range7.60,2,5 range7.600 ° C is extremely flammable below, range7.90 cylinder B2, B5, B11, type safety cabinet fire resistance test. Choose the type of safety cabinet according to the level of protection you need. For example, it is recommended that a little flammable fuel above 55 ° C in the safety cabinet industrial laboratory should follow the en standard (take photos before testing) ISO834 heating curve. The company is mainly engaged in the integration, sales and maintenance of industrial automation products. We are committed to providing you with complete solutions of electrical and automation technology in the fields of machinery, chemical industry, cement, electric power, environmental protection, etc., including automation products and systems, project implementation and management, technical support in the main process control field, professional after-sales service, training, etc.

due to the use environment and other reasons, the fan bearing friction is too large, which causes the fan load to be too large and shows HW failure, (2) The tolerance of the built-in temperature detector of the power module is 0.5mm. The damage of the measuring circuit will also cause HW failure. (3) in addition, the failure of the main board is also easy to cause HW failure. Fault grounding fault is also a fault we usually encounter. In addition to eliminating the causes of motor grounding problems, the most likely part of the fault is the hall sensor. Due to the influence of temperature, humidity and other environmental factors, the working point of the hall sensor is easy to drift, resulting in GF alarm

4. No display fault no display fault is usually caused by the damage of switching power supply. Unlike ordinary self-excited or other excited switching power supply, LG inverter uses a controllable voltage regulator called TL431 to adjust the duty cycle of the switch tube, so as to achieve the purpose of stabilizing the output voltage. When there is a load short circuit, the switching power supply will often block the output, and the panel will not display

like other frequency converters, LV, OV faults and drive circuit damage faults can also be encountered on LG frequency converters, which requires us to constantly summarize and explore in practice. Fault LG-iS5 and IH series frequency converters are all equipped with quick fuse detection. Because the breaking capacity of the quick fuse can reach, the safety valve can be added to protect the sensor for about 5 ms. therefore, when there is a large current passing through the inside of the frequency converter, the quick fuse can act, so as to protect the high-power module. However, due to the damage of the fast fuse, it also caused the occurrence of Fu fault. Replace the quick fuse

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