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Huaguang glass took measures to cope with the financial crisis

in the face of the impact and impact of adverse factors such as sales decline, reduced profits and financing difficulties caused by the financial crisis, Anhui Huaguang glass group tightened its belt and took various positive measures to revitalize funds, reduce costs and reduce losses, Try to minimize the losses caused by the financial crisis to enterprises. This kind of new technology remains inactive during the injection molding of auto parts

since the beginning of the third quarter, with the continuous spread and intensification of the crisis in international finance, he told reporters, it has brought great difficulties and severe challenges to the production and operation of leading products and project construction of Huaguang glass group. Float glass products are highly competitive, difficult to sell, and the price has fallen sharply. The ITO conductive film glass market, which has been popular in the past, has also suddenly reversed. Not only has the export of products been blocked, but also coastal downstream enterprises have reduced orders, and many similar enterprises across the country have shut down and stopped production. The production and operation of ITO conductive film glass of Huaguang group has also encountered a "severe winter" rarely seen in the past decade. In the face of the severe situation, Huaguang Group took a series of positive measures to actively respond

first, through pre shift and post shift meetings and various publicity positions, we should publicize the situation to employees, enhance their crisis awareness and awareness, enhance their confidence, and mobilize all employees to work together to spend the crisis. Organize workers to carry out various labor competitions such as production competitions, marketing competitions and skill competitions, and carry out mass technological innovation and small-scale reform activities around "creating first-class, increasing benefits and comparing contributions"

second, adjust the product structure, compress low-end products and extend to high-end products. By improving the production quality of float glass, focus on the production of high-quality float glass that can meet the needs of deep processing; On the basis of stopping the production of low-grade ITO conductive film glass, we will focus on the production of color STN type, color filter type and conductive film glass for touch screen to meet the market demand, and expand the high-end market of conductive film glass

the third is to focus on improving the independent innovation ability of enterprises, and carry out re innovation on the basis of digesting, absorbing and foreign advanced ITO conductive film glass core technology. Accelerating the construction of AR antireflective glass production line "light pressure" is the pressure generated by the light shining on the object. Adopting the methods of independent design, entrusted processing, independent installation and commissioning, and replacing imported equipment with domestic equipment not only speeds up the construction progress of the project, but also saves a lot of investment. Ar antireflective glass of the group has won the title of provincial new product and national torch plan. Huayi Company of Huaguang Group has become the first batch of high-tech enterprises re recognized in Anhui Province among the most widely used conventional plastic granulator equipment, and has become a provincial engineering technology research and development center. It has laid a foundation for the relevant policy support of the "Hewu Beng independent innovation comprehensive supporting reform pilot zone" of the state and Anhui Province

fourth, actively promote energy conservation and emission reduction, and take improving energy utilization as the core. On the basis of the successful implementation of the cold repair technology transformation of "oil to coal" in the front line of float method, this year, we have successively implemented the oxygen combustion supporting project for some small furnaces of float method production line, the project of converting the fuel oil atomization of float method line from compressed air atomization to atomization with waste steam, and the oxygen enriched air combustion supporting transformation project in the front line of float method. Through the transformation, It further increases the output of glass, improves the quality, greatly reduces the consumption of coal and electricity, reduces the emission of various polluting gases, steam and dust, and improves the environment

fifth, further deepen the internal reform of the enterprise. According to the guiding ideology of efficient management, capable personnel and flat management, the group further improves the job assignment, staffing, responsibility assignment and staffing work according to the advanced standards of the industry and the principles of reasonable work structure, compatible job responsibilities and full workload. Organize staff to carry out job rotation and rotation training

sixth, strengthen budget management, take budget management as the leader, and strengthen the management of various expenditures. Seize the overall downward trend of raw material and fuel prices, and do everything possible to reduce costs. Strengthen fund management, take fund management as the key to deal with the crisis, and improve the efficiency of fund use. While taking proactive measures to expand marketing, we should speed up the return of funds. Strengthen the research on the national fiscal policy and strive for more national financial support. Properly handle the relationship between accelerating development and risk prevention and control, put the risk prevention and control in the lead, and control the pace of new project funds on the basis of maintaining normal production and striving for the early production, early stability and early profitability of the seventh line of ITO, so as to ensure the safe development of the enterprise

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