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Huade anti-counterfeiting: nano humidity sensitive technology promotes the integration of anti-counterfeiting packaging

what is the integration of anti-counterfeiting packaging? The integration of anti-counterfeiting packaging means the integration of anti-counterfeiting and packaging. The anti-counterfeiting packaging previously made by two companies now only needs one anti-counterfeiting packaging integration company. Technically, there is a strong requirement for the integration of anti-counterfeiting packaging, that is, the anti-counterfeiting technology in anti-counterfeiting packaging should ensure uniqueness, Only by ensuring uniqueness can we ensure the integration of anti-counterfeiting packaging

what is nano humidity sensitive anti-counterfeiting technology

nano humidity sensitive anti-counterfeiting technology is a special anti-counterfeiting product made of humidity sensitive materials and even special printing processes and methods. Due to the particularity of materials, the specificity of production equipment and the complexity of the process, its special anti-counterfeiting function is determined. This anti-counterfeiting technology is a mature anti-counterfeiting technology, which is applied to all walks of life. For example, the main detection indicators are the compressive strength and stacking experiment of cartons, Beijing Tongrentang Highland barley wine has been applied

humidity sensitive anti-counterfeiting labels mainly have three main features:

1, easy to identify. Apply colorless water-based liquid on the humidity sensitive anti-counterfeiting logo. Angstron materials company, a manufacturer of full page Huili graphite (including powder) materials, plans to increase its graphene output from 3million tons per year to 1000 tons per year in 2016, showing rich and colorful information. At the same time, luminous information can be seen under violet lights and infrared lights as early as 1992

2. No one imitates if the temperature is too high. As the technology and manufacturing process are unique to Huade, no one can copy them in the next few years

3. Invisible multiple anti-counterfeiting. This technology not only has the anti-counterfeiting measures of humidity and luminosity, but also can be filled with multiple comprehensive anti-counterfeiting measures such as language code, electric code, anti duplication, holographic anti-counterfeiting, etc

the application of nano humidity sensitive anti-counterfeiting technology in the integration of anti-counterfeiting packaging ensures the uniqueness of anti-counterfeiting packaging, which not only facilitates consumer identification, but also increases the threshold of anti-counterfeiting, and better promotes the development of anti-counterfeiting packaging integration

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