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In 2011, Huafu color textile will work with suppliers to strengthen the development and promotion of new raw materials in the field of color textile. Recently, Huafu company and Shangyu Hongqiang color polyester Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony for the cooperative development and promotion of new functional products in Shangyu Huafu Industrial Park. Song Jiang, director of Huafu color textile operation system, and Xie Jianqiang, general manager of Shangyu Hongqiang signed the agreement on behalf of both parties

Shangyu Hongqiang colored polyester Co., Ltd. polyurethane is by far the best excellent thermal insulation material in the world. Founded in 1998, it is a professional manufacturer of differentiated polyester staple fiber, which integrates the production of various special-shaped fibers, animal and plant like fibers, functional fibers and colored fibers. The high-pressure oil pump supplies oil to the cylinder to make the piston rise. The enterprise is one of the partners of Huafu color textile in the development of new functional color textile products12 kj/m2p>

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