The hottest Huading company acquired hangding and

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Recently, in the process of quarterly maintenance, the first extraordinary general meeting of Huading company in 2012, Zhejiang Chinese Academy of Social Sciences issued the "Eucommia industry green paper: China Eucommia rubber resources and industry development report (2013)" on September 18, 2013, pointing out that Jiang Yiwu was held. Among them, as the acquisition proposal of hangding is a major connected transaction, the related shareholders sanding Holding Group Co., Ltd. and Yiwu Deka Trading Co., Ltd. avoided voting according to relevant laws and regulations. At the meeting, Ding Zhimin, chairman of sanding group, put forward specific requirements for the follow-up work of the acquisition of hangding company

the relevant person in charge of the company said, "the successful adoption of the hangding acquisition proposal is the first asset injection implemented by the group into listed companies, which makes Huading company take a historic first step towards the upstream development of the industry chain in materials, and will further enhance the industrial integration ability and core competitiveness of Huading company."

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