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Natural rubber stoppers will withdraw from the medical bottle stopper Market at the end of the year. According to the regulations of the State Administration of medicine, all medical rubber stoppers (including those for infusion, oral liquid and other dosage forms) will stop using ordinary natural rubber stoppers by the end of 2004; Butyl rubber plugs should be used in all pharmaceutical factories

the rubber plugs used in drugs are divided into natural rubber plugs and butyl rubber plugs. Due to the impure composition of natural rubber material, poor chemical stability, easy aging, poor shielding performance and sealing performance, it contains impurities harmful to human body. There is an overflow of additives in the rubber plug production process, which affects the drug quality and has hidden dangers to human health. Due to its good air tightness, butyl rubber has solved the above problems and become a substitute for natural rubber plugs

China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association convened 12 bottle stopper manufacturers and 3 pharmaceutical manufacturers to hold a seminar in Beijing on the full butylation of pharmaceutical rubber plugs by the end of 2004. At the meeting, the rubber stopper manufacturers also put forward suggestions on the current disordered market competition and incomplete standards. Because most of the raw materials of butyl rubber plugs need to be imported, the industry association also calls on enterprises to invest in rubber plug production lines carefully. At present, the market situation of butyl rubber stopper is as follows: there are more than 20 enterprises that have obtained production licenses, 4-5 enterprises to be approved and built, and the annual output of waste plastic particles is about 2billion; However, the production capacity of the enterprise is much higher than this. Due to the existence of natural rubber plugs composed of nickel, cobalt and manganese as cathode materials at present, many enterprises have not started enough. After strictly implementing the food safety law, the market demand for butyl rubber plugs will be driven

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