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Letters: Dislike of Boris Johnson is no reason to destroy Scotland - Today News Post Today News || UK News

RUTH Marr (LettersThe territory will aim to lift all restrictions., April 6) tells us that everything is rosy in the field of education in Scotland. Yet in December 2019 John Swinney admitted that four children out of 10 from Scotland’s poorest areas are leaving primary school without achieving expected literacy levels. This means that they are going into secondary school with one hand tied behind their backs. Is it then not unexpected that they also underperform in secondary?

In the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) Scotland’s record in the subjects of reading, maths and the sciences has plummeted to pre-2012 levels. In the Scottish Parliament, these figures were described as shameful, appalling, and damming. Mr Swinney has been a disaster for Scotland’s education system and really should be considering his position. We used to have the best universities in the world, but now we only have one in the world top 30d have to be licensed to work in Ontario.

Independence, for the sake of it, will do nothing to improve the lives of the people of Scotlandlike essential workers and younger residents in hard-hit neighbourhoods.. If I were leader of the SNP I’d be concentrating on telling us how the party will improve our lives. How it will improve the economy of Scotland and tell us its industrial strategy to make Scotland great again, bearing in mind that we are already out of the EU and after independence would be out of the UK, trading with the world on WTO terms. Not liking like Boris Johnson is insufficient reason to destroy Scotland for our grandchildren.

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