132 barrels of inflammables such as paint were ill

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132 barrels of inflammables such as paint were illegally stored in private houses in Shanghai. Recently, the law enforcement officers of Fengxian fire department in Shanghai, who played a leading role, jointly with the public security and safety supervision departments, successfully seized an illegal storage shelter of inflammable and explosive dangerous goods in Fengcheng Town, Fengxian District, eliminating a major fire safety hazard. The illegal storage site is located at No. 621, crossroad village, Fengcheng Town, Fengxian District. As a warehouse, 132 barrels of diluents and paints of various types, totaling 9374 kg, were illegally stored

the dens is located in rural areas, adjacent to residential houses. According to the residents who caused the piston to fall a distance around, this place is a rented house for farmers, which was rented to others by the landlord about half a month ago for the storage of inflammable and explosive dangerous goods. In the past half a month, the personnel in and out of the place have been frequent, and there are no fire-fighting facilities on the site. Fortunately, the fire department investigated and dealt with it in time, eliminating the time bomb located in residential areas. Therefore, when the cleaning, lubrication and other conditions are met. On the same day, Fengxian fire department sealed up illegal places and disposed of prohibited items. Relevant illegal suspects will be detained by the public security department

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