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13 misunderstandings of network marketing

the more enterprises you contact, the more you feel that the reason why most enterprises cannot make a qualitative breakthrough in network marketing is that there are many misunderstandings in your understanding and practice of network marketing

sometimes success lies not in what we did right, but in our complete ignorance of what we did wrong. This is an important idea

people are most afraid of sticking to the wrong ideas and practices. During installation and debugging, even if they work hard subjectively and want a good result, I'm sorry, if they go wrong, they will only be farther and farther away from their destination. Therefore, for our entrepreneurs and network marketing operators, it is particularly important to first see whether we are on the right path and whether there are conceptual or methodological mistakes that lead us astray

without right view and right solution, fallacies will prevail. And we know nothing about it, which is the biggest sorrow

there are misunderstandings in network marketing, including ideas, ways of thinking, and specific methods. These listed below are what the author found and felt in the process of contacting enterprises. Maybe this is only part of it. But the author thinks that as long as you have a correct understanding and practice of the uniformity of environmental parameters in the working chamber of the experimental box in the following aspects, the network marketing work of the enterprise will have a qualitative breakthrough

1. Conceptual exclusion: traditional enterprises do not need or are not suitable for network marketing, or wait until the time is ripe

2. Leaders do not pay attention: network marketing is a matter for a department or even a person, which has nothing to do with the decision-making level of the enterprise and the business strategy of the enterprise

3 Putting the cart before the horse: focus on technology and ignore marketing. The network marketing work of the enterprise is mainly in the charge of technicians or entrusted to the network technology company, and the most direct evil result is the pile of technical garbage stations

4. Unclear direction: without clear goals and plans, blindly follow the trend, blindly choose network service products, and waste funds

5. No distinction between right and wrong: without professionals, they can't guide and restrict each other in the cooperation with network service companies, can't judge right and wrong, and suffer losses

6. Blind people feel like elephants: misinterpret the concept and method of network marketing, and regard a certain tactical behavior in network marketing as the whole of network marketing

7. Taste it: imagine network marketing as too simple and easy, and give up easily in case of problems and setbacks

8. Separate: online and offline businesses are separated, there is no echo and interaction, and resources are wasted

9 common faults 5: Flow first: focus on promoting and attracting flow, and ignore the foot on the door, so visitors can't turn into customers

10. Subjective assumption: seldom consider user experience, and do things by subjectivism and empiricism

11. Ignore tools: no monitoring, statistics, analysis, evaluation tools and systems, and know nothing about the promotion effect, station traffic, target customers, access pages, geographical distribution, etc

12. Eager for quick success and instant benefit: blindly use mass email, mass information, "spoof events" and other promotion means, regardless of the enterprise and brand image, and self destruct the great wall

13. "Three noes" marketing: no network marketing system has been established, no practical methods of network marketing have been mastered, and no professional network marketing team has been established

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