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On September 12, the relevant person in charge of the Huangjiang Town Government of Dongguan confirmed that the first 10 billion photovoltaic project in the region had been launched. The person in charge said that Huangjiang Town is negotiating with an electronic enterprise to replace this dismounted project

a few days ago, the Dongguan municipal major office said that with the consent of the Dongguan major project leading group, it decided to cancel the qualification of the production project of Mayong Huangjiang Shunying photovoltaic energy materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shunying photovoltaic")

"we decided to quit Dongguan." Li Yanshou, the main investor of Shunying photovoltaic, told the Chinese government yesterday that they would move the project to Hubei

The Dongguan municipal government recently said that the project was stranded because the environmental protection project still failed to pass the environmental assessment and land planning adjustment

Li Yanshou frankly said that the reason why the project was dismissed was indeed that it was not approved by the Dongguan municipal government in terms of environmental impact assessment and land planning

in the interview, it was learned that as the main person in charge of Shunying photovoltaic, Chinese American scientist wuyishun had previously been reported that he forged information during the trial production of polysilicon

another fallen project

it is understood that Shunying photovoltaic is an item after Foxconn Huangjiang project was launched in 2011. 3. The sliding surface of the inlaid steel plate in contact with the lining plate and the dovetail groove surface on the lining plate should be kept clean

according to public information, sunwin PV was founded in 2011 and belongs to a new high-tech company integrating research, development, production and sales of photovoltaic energy materials. The project covers an area of 700 mu, with a total investment of 3 billion yuan. It is expected to produce 80000 tons of high-purity silica per year. After it is put into operation, it will realize an annual sales revenue of about 8.2 billion yuan and an annual profit of more than 4 billion yuan

public information from Huangjiang Town government officials shows that the project is a major construction project in Dongguan in 2013. After completion, it will have a significant and far-reaching impact on the acceleration of transformation and upgrading and economic and social development of Huangjiang. Shunying photovoltaic held the foundation laying ceremony of the project in March this year, and a vice mayor of Dongguan and the Secretary of the town Party committee also attended in person. However, due to doubts about land acquisition and environmental protection, the project has not been started

Huangjiang Town Government previously said that due to the latest technology used in the project, there is no precedent in China. Although Shunying photovoltaic technology team has made comprehensive explanations and technical improvements for many times, it is still difficult to eliminate the doubts of all sectors of society. Therefore, the project encountered doubts from environmental assessment experts and strong opposition from residents around the project site in the application for environmental assessment and land planning adjustment, As a result, the project is still unable to pass the environmental impact assessment and land planning adjustment

a local villager recently revealed to the public that as early as 2011, when Huangjiang held the first coordination meeting on the project, with economic development, population expansion, social aging and enhanced awareness of health care, they had reflected the relevant environmental impact assessment issues. The villager said that he learned from the above information that the dust of silicon dioxide is very fine, such as the cantilever hanging method. If they inhale the air containing this harmful substance for a long time, they may suffer from silicosis. According to medical knowledge, people with this pneumoconiosis will have dizziness, fatigue, palpitations and other symptoms

since then, the villager insisted on reporting the above problems to the relevant departments of Dongguan municipal government and Guangdong provincial government, and received a reply from the Dongguan municipal government

the Secretary's withdrawal broke

Li Yanshou's symmetry. There is no pollution problem in the project itself, but it is "too careful" to introduce such projects locally. He said that the project had previously been recognized by relevant environmental assessment experts in Guangdong Province

in March this year, an environmental protection company in Beijing pointed out in the EIA announcement of Shunying photovoltaic that the possible impacts include "unorganized dust emission from silica separation workshop". However, the environmental protection company said that in operation, as long as the project is processed through the relevant system, the "impact on the surrounding environment can be controlled and can meet the relevant national environmental protection standards"

Li Yanshou recalled that when the project entered Huangjiang, it received the full support and cooperation of Huangjiang Town Government. "The secretary broke his leg when he ran with us, the Environmental Protection Bureau and the Planning Bureau." He said, "I think the secretary is also very poor."

different from what Li Yanshou said, the above-mentioned head of the relevant department of Huangjiang Town government said that the relevant environmental assessment experts in Guangdong Province believed that the project was unqualified in the environmental assessment

Wu Yishun, who was reported to have forged information, is a former executive director of Shanyang technology. Li Yanshou told him that he had visited Wu Yishun's enterprises in Taiwan, which were "large-scale", and he believed that Wu Yishun "would not be so stupid" to forge materials. Shanyang technology is a company registered in Taiwan, China, China, mainly engaged in manufacturing polysilicon for solar cells. It is worth mentioning that Hairun photovoltaic is also alleged to be deeply involved in this polysilicon fraud

Li Yanshou revealed to Wu Yishun that he mainly invested in Shunying PV with technology. The above-mentioned person in charge of Huangjiang Town government told that Wu is the real boss of Shunying photovoltaic

it is worth mentioning that a deputy director of Dongguan Science and Technology Bureau said that the bureau did not intervene in the whole process of the project from introduction to dismounting. He said, "the project didn't go through us at all"

in recent years, some photovoltaic manufacturing enterprises in China have brought environmental pollution incidents to the local area during the production process, which has caused many disputes. An expert from China Renewable Energy Association once said that when photovoltaic was just starting in China, local governments did not pay attention to similar pollution problems due to the consideration of investment attraction and GDP. Zhonghua glass () Department

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