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Dongfeng chaochai 2009 structural adjustment 2010 three sided attack and protection market

Dongfeng chaochai 2009 structural adjustment 2010 three sided attack and protection market

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guide Huan welcomed our factory to visit and read: in 2009, 172000 diesel engines were sold, and the sales volume in 2010 is expected to be about 170000, This seemingly no growth figure does not mean that Dongfeng chaochai company (hereinafter referred to as chaochai) has a weak development, but that chaochai will focus on the adjustment of product structure in the new year. At the 2

172000 diesel engines were sold in 2009, and it is estimated that the sales volume in 2010 will also be about 170000. This seemingly no growth figure does not mean that Dongfeng chaochai company (hereinafter referred to as chaochai) has a weak development, but that chaochai will focus on product structure adjustment in the new year. Zhao Haigang, deputy general manager and general manager of the sales company of chaochai, said at the 2010 annual business work conference held by chaochai recently

in September 2009, facing the rapidly growing market demand, the enterprise went all out to break through the bottleneck of production capacity. A total of 21704 diesel engines were produced and 22668 diesel engines were sold, setting a record high for the company's monthly production and sales. As of November 30, 2009, chaochai has sold 161881 complete machines, achieving a sales volume of 2.2 billion yuan. It is estimated that 172000 complete machines can be sold throughout the year, achieving a sales volume of 2.4 billion yuan, once again creating a record high for the enterprise

in the interview after the meeting, Zhao Haigang did not talk much about the achievements in 2009. Talking about the development direction in 2010, Zhao Haigang, as the head of chaochai's marketing and R & D business, seems to be more interested

prepare for a rainy day price war

"the biggest challenge facing the internal combustion engine industry in 2010 will come from the price. Especially in the township market, the price difference of 100 yuan may lose a user." In the eyes of Zhao Haigang, the market this year is so severe

he believes that due to the support of relevant national policies and the rigid demand of the market, the current automotive industry is showing a booming trend of rapid development. However, there are several problems that must be considered behind the prosperity. One is that the market share of small displacement and low-end products is gradually expanding; The other is that if all auto companies start working at full capacity, there will inevitably be overcapacity

facing such a situation, Zhao Haigang believes that the market demand structure of the internal combustion engine industry will change, and chaochai must adjust its product structure. Among them, the most important direction is to develop small displacement machines

the "price war" in the internal combustion engine industry is not vicious competition, but a necessary way for enterprises to survive better. It is an inevitable situation encountered under the circumstances of the financial crisis and the improvement of people's consumption level

Zhao Haigang said that what they need to do is to help users reduce costs. There are two main methods. The first is to improve the reliability of products and improve the performance of products from the source of design and development. At present, all products of chaochai can meet the emission of country 3, and engines that meet the emission standard of country 4 have been developed. On the other hand, we should start with service, which is the significance of the annual business work conference to comprehensively improve the service capacity of offices and service stations, so as to better serve customers

actively explore the market blue ocean

the financial crisis has struck, and the market impact is remarkable. For chaochai, the market still has great potential to tap. For this reason, chaochai has made a series of adjustments in recent years. While doing a good job in the traditional advantageous markets such as light and medium-sized trucks and buses, chaochai began to stride forward to the blue ocean markets such as SUV, pickup truck, beauty, engineering vehicles, engineering machinery, agricultural equipment, etc

in response to urbanization, chaochai has further refined its products and focused on small emissions. Since last year, chaochai has launched four basic new products and developed 185 new prototypes. The product basically covers the demand of 40 ~ 125KW power range. In particular, the continuous introduction of E3 series, QD80 series, 4A series, special engines for engineering vehicles and other products has significantly changed the product structure and wider product coverage

according to experts' judgment, the passenger car market will increase by 15% in 2010, and the commercial vehicle market will increase by 9%. In these two areas, the proportion of small displacement products will increase significantly. Zhao Haigang predicts that pickup trucks may develop rapidly; With the continuous completion of high-speed rail, the market pattern of passenger cars is also quietly changing. 7-8 meter passenger cars are gradually popular, while the demand for 10-12 meter passenger cars is obviously lower than before

in recent years, chaochai has begun to pay more attention to the field of engineering vehicles. The product department of chaochai sales company is subdivided into passenger cars, trucks and engineering vehicles, among which the engineering vehicles business department faces various construction machinery and related transportation products for highway and non highway use. In 2009, the sales volume of special products for chaochai engineering increased significantly. As of October 2009, 5142 units had been completed, and 7407 units had been completed in the whole year, with a year-on-year increase of 155.8%. It is understood that at present, the sales of chaochai engineering vehicles are mainly concentrated in the fields of dump trucks and forklifts

at present, among 5-10 ton forklifts, chaochai has certain market competitiveness. The main leaders in charge of forklift business of Hangcha, Longgong, Liugong and other enterprises were invited to attend the annual business meeting of chaochai. Zhaohaigang said that chaochai is willing to provide more supporting facilities for a variety of construction machinery products. However, it has to be pointed out that different types of construction machinery products have different requirements for power systems. Meeting one product cannot meet other products. In this regard, chaochai still needs to strengthen research and development

customer oriented brand building

Zhao Haigang said that in the past, enterprises used to make products, thinking that they would just come up with high-performance products; But now, enterprises have gradually realized the importance of brand building. At the gate of the first World International Hotel in Hangzhou, there is a second-generation "warrior" military vehicle painted with camouflage produced by BAIC Motor Co., Ltd. This car is equipped with QD32 diesel engine produced by chaochai. The jeep once participated in the military parade of the 60th anniversary of the founding of new China. For chaochai, this is a special honor

brand building must be closely related to users. At present, the composition of car buyers in China has gradually tended to be younger. Zhao Haigang said that the post-80s generation already has a certain car purchasing strength, and the post-90s generation who is about to grow up will soon enter the car purchasing army. He said that these people's car purchase philosophy is completely different from that of previous people, and personalization is their most distinctive demand

expand overseas users. The export of chaochai engine is basically carried out with the export of the whole vehicle in cooperation with the main engine factory. From January to November 2009, China's automobile exports totaled 270000, a year-on-year decrease of 55%. In the same period, chaochai exported 6000 diesel engines, a decrease of 47% over 2008, slightly better than the decline in the automotive industry

at present, the market focus of chaochai is in Southeast Asia, CIS and the Middle East. Some time ago, some countries in the CIS region significantly raised emission standards, which had a certain impact on the sales of enterprises. However, in Kazakhstan, chaochai engine maintained the second position in terms of export

since 2007, chaochai has sent business representatives or service representatives to Vietnam, Colombia, Venezuela and other countries to explore and maintain the export growth of China's extruder products, which will show a stable and progressive situation. It has established service stations in Colombia and Venezuela, and its service system in Kazakhstan, Algeria, Vietnam has begun to take shape

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