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Donggang summer grain purchase first implemented the intelligent all-in-one card system

release date: Source: Rizhao

in the afternoon of August 29, the purchase of summer grain is in order in the grain reserve of Donggang District, Rizhao City

in order to ensure the smooth completion of this storage increase, the staff of the reserve warehouse will arrive at the post in advance at 6:30 every morning to control every link to ensure that there is no omission. In addition, this year, the intelligent all-in-one card system was implemented for the first time

"in the past, it took twoorthree hours to deliver food here and run there airy, clean and noiseless. This year, we implemented a smart all-in-one card, which ended in half an hour from testing, weighing, unloading to withdrawal. It saved a lot of time and was very convenient." Master Li, who came to deliver goods, said

after using the intelligent all-in-one card system, it can not only effectively improve the management level of the reserve and the overall work efficiency to meet the different needs of customers, achieve public buying and selling, but also standardize the acquisition process, speed up the warehousing progress, and improve the efficiency of grain storage

it is understood that the intelligent all-in-one card is the new intelligent grain receiving and warehousing system in the grain reserve of Donggang District. Through the use of information-based means, all operations of the enterprise experiment are comprehensively monitored and automatically managed with the help of CRT in the aspects of human, financial, material and grain purchase, sale and storage, so as to achieve the management goal of information-based and intelligent grain storage. The "all-in-one card" information management has been implemented for the registration, sampling, testing, weighing, warehousing, settlement, printing of purchase orders and other major links of grain in and out of the warehouse, realizing the process management and paperless office of grain purchase

this year, Donggang District Grain Reserve has transformed from traditional extensive grain storage to modern scientific grain storage, creating a "five types" of grain reserves of quantity, quality, intelligence, standardization and efficiency. It is estimated that within three years, the scale of grain reserves in the region will reach 26000 tons, accounting for 58% of the total grain reserves, which is 1.5 times the increase since the establishment of the region 25 years ago. This year, the grain reserve in Donggang District will increase by 5000 tons, and the grain reserve in the whole region will exceed 20000 tons. The reserve increase started in late August and is expected to be completed in mid September. Up to now, nearly 2500 tons of grain reserves have been completed

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