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Dongfeng chaochai launched the first OHC technology engine

the camshaft installation position of the engine has three forms: lower, middle and top. Due to the fast speed of the car engine, the speed per minute can reach more than 5000 rpm. In order to ensure the intake and exhaust efficiency, the intake valve and exhaust valve are inverted, that is, the overhead valve device (OHC). The camshaft is arranged above the engine, which shortens the distance between the camshaft and the valve, omits the tappet and tappet of the valve, simplifies the transmission mechanism between the camshaft and the valve, makes the structure of the engine more compact and improves the system stiffness. More importantly, this installation method can reduce the reciprocating quality of the whole system, improve the transmission efficiency, and make the valve timing more accurate. OHC technology can greatly improve the economy of the engine, which has made experts in the engine industry have the understanding that "ohc= fuel economy"

The application of OHC technology has brought revolutionary changes to the internal combustion engine industry. In the field of commercial vehicles, due to the high burst pressure and high combustion value of diesel engines, there are many difficulties in the application of OHC technology. However, in view of the fact that OHC technology can greatly improve the comprehensive performance of engines, international truck manufacturers spend huge human and material resources to apply OHC Technology to their own high-end commercial vehicles, so as to further improve the economy, power and other performances of the whole vehicle

OHC technology diesel engine -- the best combination of economy and power

on July 1, 2007, the country will fully implement the national 3 emission regulations, and Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other regions have taken the lead in implementing them, which urges domestic diesel engine manufacturers to actively start to develop diesel engines that meet the new emission regulations. Dongfeng chaochai 4D series OHC technology diesel engine mainly has two series, with power covering 110~125kw. At present, the whole series has reached the national 3 emission standard. However, the biggest advantage of the engine is not only to meet the requirements of relevant national emission regulations, but also its excellent economy. From 2005 to 2006, the engine was tested in the national testing ground with a number of complete vehicles. In the economic test, the comprehensive test was carried out in three load modes, including no-load, full load and overload, under three gears and various working conditions. The data from the engine test surprised the staff engaged in the test for many years: the economy of 4D series OHC technology diesel engine is far better than that of domestic diesel engine in the same power section

its mechanical properties are very different from those under static or quasi-static loads

the rising new power star Dongfeng chaochai 4D series OHC technology diesel engine continues the consistent quality connotation of Dongfeng chaochai, and still takes excellent quality as the core competitiveness of the brand. No matter from the quality sense of Dongfeng chaochai 102 Series in the hearts of users over the years, or the development trend of medium-sized vehicle market, 4D series OHC technology diesel engines have broad market prospects

in terms of brand, Dongfeng chaochai has become a synonym for "high-quality power". The classic 102 series diesel engine of Dongfeng chaochai company currently has 1.2 million units in the market, becoming the user's favorite light diesel engine. Many users of chaochai 102 engine replace medium-sized trucks after getting rich with chaochai engine. The preferred power will be chaochai 4D series OHC technology diesel engine. Many users of chaochai's bus passenger transport practice have proved that they are also looking forward to the introduction of diesel engines equipped with medium-sized passenger cars as soon as possible. In the 2006 chaochai "looking for a model to get rich" activity, the leaders of the bus company participating in the grassland tour visited the 4D series OHC technology diesel engine, and couldn't wait to replace the passenger car engine on the line with 4D series OHC technology. 3. Utilization industry: diesel engine. This is the charm of chaochai, an enduring and vibrant diesel engine brand

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