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Dongfeng Hercules heavy engineering vehicle gradually wins the trust of users

Dongfeng Hercules heavy engineering vehicle gradually wins the trust of users

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Guide: heavy engineering vehicle is the largest cake in the field of heavy trucks, and has always been one of the most competitive fields for truck manufacturers. Due to historical reasons, the competition pattern of domestic manufacturers has also evolved in the past 10 years. Since 2002, China's real heavy engineering vehicles have stepped onto the stage. In 2001

heavy engineering vehicles are the largest piece of cake in the field of heavy trucks, and have always been one of the most competitive fields for truck manufacturers. Due to historical reasons, the competition pattern of domestic manufacturers has also evolved in the past 10 years

since 2002, the real relative humidity of heavy-duty workers in China is no more than 80%; Cheng Che stepped onto the stage. In 2001, the eq3208g10.5-ton new flat head dump truck produced by Dongfeng truck company (the predecessor of Dongfeng commercial vehicle) went on the market and achieved great success. By the end of 2001, the sales contribution of eq3208 series models accounted for the main share. Eq3208 users are willing to call it "red whirlwind", and the source of this name is because this model with red as its main product had a strong trend in the engineering vehicle market that year

There are two points worth pondering about the popularity of eq3208. First, making trucks requires the accumulation of technical experience. In the past, Dongfeng has rich accumulation and experience in medium-sized trucks, so the product can be recognized by customers when it comes to the market, not just relying on opportunities. Second, the hot sale of quasi heavy engineering vehicles is the prelude for heavy engineering vehicles to enter the stage. The rapid rise in the demand for engineering vehicles in the market indicates that the national engineering investment is beginning to increase, and the engineering projects are becoming larger and larger. The previous medium-sized vehicles can no longer meet this demand, and heavy engineering vehicles are about to emerge

with the increasing demand for heavy engineering vehicles, major manufacturers in the domestic truck industry are working towards this piece and began to grab this big cake. On May 18, 2006, Dongfeng Hercules was launched, and Dongfeng commercial vehicles began to have heavy engineering vehicles in a real sense. At the same time, major manufacturers in the domestic industry have also launched their own heavy-duty engineering vehicles. The number of market competitors has increased, and the competition pattern has changed

after the listing of Dongfeng Hercules, after several years of accumulation and exploration, Dongfeng commercial vehicles also began to form some of their own advantages in heavy engineering vehicles. For example, some regions in Shaanxi, Henan and Shanxi strictly control the overload, while the Dongfeng Hercules 8x4 lightweight engineering vehicle has well adapted to local policies and regulations, and has a great advantage in the segmented industry models in these regions. In terms of 6x4 standardized muck trucks, Dongfeng Hercules is also gradually forming its own advantages

know yourself and know your enemy, key breakthroughs

"'sun Tzu's art of war says: know yourself and know your enemy, and win every battle. 'we must identify the weaknesses of our competitors, better meet customer demands, and focus on development in combination with the company's development stages and different stages of products that can be dealt with." Jiangzhichao, who is engaged in the work of heavy industrial products at Dongfeng commercial vehicle marketing headquarters, told me

According to Jiang Zhichao, the overall demand for heavy engineering vehicles in the market is about 210000 vehicles per year, mainly distributed in several industries, such as muck truck transportation, sand and gravel transportation, coal transportation and pit operation. After understanding the industry and its own situation, the marketing idea of Dongfeng commercial vehicle heavy industry product line has become very clear. In the field of muck trucks, we will focus on building professional standard transportation vehicles with a load of about 55 tons. When they are mature, they will be stable, and they will not be blindly rolled out. In the traditional advantageous market of Dongfeng, the coal group in Tali welcomes ldquo; Seek acquaintance and cooperation rdquo; The rampant bombardment of red envelopes takes advantage of Dongfeng's service and network to expand the market, accumulate experience and constantly improve products. In the light weight market that has formed advantages, we should continue to consolidate the advantageous regions, further develop the vulnerable regions and continue to increase our share

"the construction of marketing channels in gravel and coal transportation industries is very important, and we must ensure that the channels are upward." Jiang Zhichao emphasized the importance of channels when explaining the marketing ideas of heavy industry. Only by ensuring the continuous profitability of marketing channels and reflecting the upward nature, can various measures be implemented. How to make profits? First of all, according to the characteristics of marketing channels, define the industry and market suitable for each channel, and prepare appropriate goods. The second is to develop the network function of the channel and build a long value chain. According to the actual situation of each channel, guide the channel to develop in the direction of 3S (sales, service, accessories), 6S (3s+ credit, insurance, affiliated) to 9s (6s+ fleet, used cars, source of goods). It is with clear ideas and correct methods that the share of Dongfeng commercial vehicle heavy industry products has continued to increase in recent years

stick to customer demands and continue to deliver commodity value

"what do you think is the most important quality of Dongfeng heavy industry product line marketing personnel?" In the face of the question, Jiang Zhichao said without hesitation, "it's sensitive. It's always sensitive to changes in the market and customer demands."

According to Jiang Zhichao, the demand of heavy industry is strongly related to the development of urban construction. Paying close attention to national macroeconomic policies and local urban planning and construction is the basic skill of heavy industry marketing. For example, in the first two years, they paid attention to the urbanization construction situation of Tianjin Hebei, Henan and Anhui, so they made key market breakthrough preparations, and the sales volume has increased rapidly in the past three years

two years ago, the Henan government introduced strict measures to control overload. Jiang Zhichao and his team paid close attention to and followed up the whole process. Focusing on the accident, they introduced the safety and economy of Dongfeng heavy industry's lightweight goods to customers, which not only met the government's demand for overload control, but also met the normal operation of customers. In areas where overload control is relatively strict, Dongfeng heavy industry product line implements a separate response to this. In Xuchang, Zhengzhou, Pingdingshan, Henan Province, Baoding, Xingtai, Hebei Province and other cities with relatively strict overload control, we should focus on the key points, concentrate channel resources, and adopt point-to-point breakthroughs. In September this year, since the wire rod changed the experimental machine to assemble small angle devices, the increment in these areas is very obvious

while increasing sales, improving the competitiveness of heavy industry products is also an important work of the heavy industry product department. Therefore, being sensitive to information from customers is very important for heavy industry marketing personnel, who are equivalent to one-third of the global grain production. Through a deep understanding of customer segments in various regions, the heavy industry department has continuously brought first-hand data and information from customers, cooperated with the relevant departments of Dongfeng commercial vehicle "commodity iron triangle" to improve Dongfeng Hercules, and made great progress in some areas. In the heavy-duty sand and gravel transportation market around Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, the marketing personnel of heavy industrial products have investigated for many times and found out the customer's demands. Its characteristics are that the total weight is 90 tons, the road transportation is highly reliable and economical. After taking relevant information back to the iron triangle for improvement, this improved Dongfeng Hercules 8 finally × 4 heavy duty highway dump has won the recognition of local customers for its low fuel consumption and low failure

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