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Dongfeng Cummins engine appears at the 10th Asian bus exhibition

Dongfeng Cummins engine appears at the 10th Asian bus exhibition

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Guide: just as the world's attention to the opening of the Shanghai WorldExpo, people from the bus industry all over the world also gathered in the sea, ushering in the 2010 10th World Bus Expo Asia Exhibition. With the theme of originality, Chinese attitude and global vision, the 2010 10th World Bus Expo Asia exhibition is held all over the world

at the opening of the Shanghai WorldExpo, people from the bus industry all over the world also gathered in Shanghai to welcome the 10th World Bus Expo Asia 2010. With the theme of "original spirit, Chinese attitude and global vision", the 10th World Bus Expo Asia 2010 was held against the background of global economic recovery and the blowout growth of China's passenger car market. It is the technology and products of the global bus industry, which are characterized by light weight, heat insulation, good resilience, good comfort, good low temperature performance, durability, high safety and vibration absorption A platform for reviewing the latest development and providing business opportunities

domestic and foreign bus manufacturers brought luxury buses, hybrid vehicles, BRT urban express buses and other hot products in the market in recent years. Component manufacturers also seized this opportunity to bring the latest products and services to the exhibition. Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. exhibited five electronically controlled engines including National IV, national III ISDE, Isle and B series natural gas. Their main power coverage is 140 ~ 400 horsepower, and their design is advanced. However, this is beneficial to detect materials with very large or very small elongation, and obtain accurate experimental results. They are small in size, which can effectively save vehicle space and enhance comfort. Dongfeng Cummins engine is ahead of the industry in reliability, fuel consumption, low noise, emissions and other indicators. The exhibits that fully meet the humanization, environmental protection and comfort requirements of passenger cars have made many domestic and foreign customers and visitors linger

when facing vehicle manufacturers, Dongfeng Cummins has always adhered to the market strategy of "not only parts suppliers, but also strategic partners", and adhered to the role of "reliable power solution provider", that is, from the perspective of technology and market, to help vehicle manufacturers obtain power devices with high cost performance and most suitable for customer needs. In particular, they carry out personalized matching and post optimization according to different uses of passenger cars. Dongfeng Cummins' rich experience in product application engineering and advanced overall service concept have become the ability that passenger car manufacturers pay most attention to. It is with these advantages that Dongfeng Cummins products attracted many domestic and foreign bus manufacturers at this exhibition, and received unanimous praise from visitors

jointly expanding the international market with vehicle manufacturers is one of the most important strategic directions of Dongfeng Cummins in recent years. Supported by the strong brand of Cummins, through close cooperation with vehicle manufacturers, the assembly ratio of Dongfeng Cummins products in the export passenger car power has exceeded 60%. According to relevant personnel of Dongfeng Cummins, at present, major domestic bus export manufacturers, such as Yutong, Jinlong, Zhongtong, Huanghai, etc., have close cooperation with Dongfeng Cummins, and their buses equipped with Dongfeng Cummins engines have been exported to South America, Russia, West Asia, South Asia, Africa and other countries and regions. During the exhibition, there was an endless stream of overseas visitors at the Dongfeng Cummins booth. Some overseas bus dealers had in-depth exchanges with the sales and service engineers of Dongfeng Cummins on the emission regulations and service networks of the regions where products are sold. An overseas market expansion alliance closely coordinated by engine manufacturers and vehicle manufacturers is forming. The high-profile appearance of Dongfeng Cummins products indicates a good start for the domestic and foreign bus market in the new stage of Dongfeng Cummins

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