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Dongfeng Liuqi: scientific and technological innovation creates high-quality brand competitiveness

Dongfeng Liuqi: scientific and technological innovation creates high-quality brand competitiveness

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"I have great confidence in our independent brand!" On June 23, Cheng daoran, general manager of Dongfeng Liuzhou Automobile Co., Ltd., a "national excellent entrepreneur" who has been working in the front line of enterprise research and development for more than 10 years, said that Dongfeng Liuzhou Automobile Co., Ltd. has built up its brand confidence by relying on scientific and technological innovation

since the successful development of "overlong" heavy truck in 2003, Dongfeng Liuqi's independent brand has become popular, with an average of nearly 100 new products developed every year, laying a good foundation for Liuqi to participate in future market competition. At present, Liuqi has formed the product layout of a full range of commercial vehicle platforms covering heavy, medium and light vehicles, MPV commercial vehicles and popular and Jingyi passenger vehicle platforms for family vehicles, and has established multiple brand series such as "cltruck", "overlong", "Fengxing" and "Jingyi", which can quickly respond to market changes at the first time

in July, 2010, Dongfeng Liuqi obtained the EU market access permit, and its flagship product baz-3253qdj dump truck 507 obtained the e/e-mark certification certificate issued by the Dutch Ministry of transport (RDW), which means that Dongfeng Liuqi baz-long vehicle type will pass the EU market and overseas markets with the same restrictive standards

after several years of transformation, Liuqi 65000 commercial vehicle capacity expansion project was completed, and a domestic leading 5000 ton press was added, which completely solved the bottleneck of frame production and achieved monthly production The capacity of 20000 sets basically solves the problem of insufficient capacity

on February 28, 2011, Dongfeng Liuqi Jingyi 1.5xlamt was officially listed successfully through the network, thus starting the quality battle of Liuqi. In August of that year, Jingyi LV, a new all-round sedan of Dongfeng Liuzhou Automobile Co., Ltd., was launched in high spirits recently, becoming another "sharp weapon" for Liuzhou Automobile Co., Ltd. to cut market share. Jingyi LV follows the wide and comfortable style of Jingyi family sedan. It is not easy to carry out this situation in terms of space, appearance, power, etc. it has been comprehensively upgraded. The whole series adopts green service standards, tool specifications and efficient engines, achieving a perfect balance between high power and low fuel consumption

on April 23, 2012, Dongfeng Liuqi launched the first domestic "city SUV" popular Jingyi SUV, which was officially listed at the Beijing International Auto Show. 62 technical patents and 36 high-quality models vividly show the innovation ability of Liuzhou Auto's independent brand, making the latest example of Dongfeng Liuqi's product in 2012 is the rear silencing cover strategy of BMW I8 popular all the way in the market game. This year, Dongfeng Liuqi completely bid farewell to the "extensive" past, and embarked on the right track of relying on independent innovation to refine and expand, and casting high-quality brands for healthy development

in 2013, Dongfeng Liuqi successively launched a series of new products such as Balong m7c, lingzhi Dm7 and Jingyi X5, forming a good situation of interactive development of heavy, medium and light multi variety commercial vehicles and multi variety passenger vehicles. The business quality has been steadily improved and the business efficiency has reached a new high

2014 is a new starting point. On January 1, Dongfeng Liuqi announced that it had completed the upgrading of a full range of truck products, officially entered the Fourth Era of the country, and took the lead in launching the Chenglong m3 medium-sized truck with full floating suspension technology. Its comfort and safety reached the high-end level of European commercial vehicles, laying a leading position in the field of medium-sized trucks in China. On April 18, the strategic model CM7 of Dongfeng Liuqi, which was launched into the medium and high-end business vehicle market, was officially launched in Beijing. A set of data is enough to illustrate Liuqi's pursuit of product quality excellence: it gathered the painstaking efforts of 268 engineers. After 832 times of strictly screwing the loading speed conditioning knob, it was necessary to slow down the rigorous quality test, after 43800 hours of tempering. On April 20, the Dongfeng Fengxing Jingyi S50 with the theme of "leapfrog, leap oneself" was launched at the Beijing International Auto Show, which means that Dongfeng Fengxing has taken the step of entering the sedan market. Relying on unremitting independent innovation, Dongfeng Liuqi has achieved seamless coverage of the whole series of passenger car market

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