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Donggang frontier inspection station recycled A4 paper to respond to the energy conservation publicity week activity

since the energy conservation publicity week activity of Tianjin frontier inspection station was carried out, Donggang frontier inspection station has attached great importance to it, responded positively, widely publicized and seriously implemented it. The police actively use their brains on how to reduce energy consumption and save resources, and strive to produce ideas for energy conservation. The tensile machine can analyze all the test results

on the morning of June 15, the police of Donggang border inspection station carried out the activity of recycling A4 paper. The police began to recycle 2kW to 5kW desks, drawers, file cabinets, etc; Collect the A4 paper left at the corner, connect it to 3-phase 380V, 50Hz, classify the used A4 paper, and recycle the reusable A4 paper. In less than an hour, the police collected more than 200 usable A4 papers. Most of these A4 papers are used on one side, with low damage and relatively well preserved. They can be reused. The police can use them for daily study, manuscript printing and other purposes

A4 paper is a commonly used office consumables, which is often printed on one side and is not fully utilized. This recycling activity has greatly enhanced the police's awareness of saving and cultivated a good habit of green office

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