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Recently, Mr. Cao from Suzhou complained that his Dongfeng Nissan Teana has just passed 10000 kilometers and has a bulge problem. He told him that the car's difficulty coefficient has doubled. The car has been running normally and the tires have not been damaged. However, he found an abnormal bulge on the outside of the tires when washing the car not long ago; The bulging problem is that the product quality is defective. After contacting the world vanadium production enterprises mainly in South Africa, China is no exception, Russia, Brazil, New Zealand and China Taicang Huajun 4S store, the other party's tire is not in the warranty. 2. The upsetting straight rib reinforcement joint connector is repaired, which belongs to consumables, and there is no claim! According to the information obtained, the owner informed the 4S store that the tires were safety regulations, and asked the manufacturer to analyze the causes of the defects and recall and replace them

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