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Dongfeng commercial vehicle: be a reliable person and build a reliable vehicle

Dongfeng commercial vehicle: be a reliable person and build a reliable vehicle

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in recent days, the strategic commodities of Dongfeng commercial vehicle - Dongfeng Tianlong KL heavy truck and Dongfeng Tianjin Kr medium truck are touring 10 units in Shiyan, Xiangyang and Wuhan

technicians explain the technical highlights of the new car on site and answer hot questions in time. Employees have said that through zero distance contact, they have more clearly defined the direction of work

technicians explain on site

Where are the new strategic products

Dongfeng Tianlong KL and Dongfeng Tianjin Kr adopt six fuel-saving technologies, including independent assembly, engine thermal management, low wind resistance design, Dongfeng vecu electronic control, low roll resistance design, direct gear + low speed ratio transmission matching, and driver evaluation system, which are about the external flame roof experiment to confirm the classification method. Compared with competitive products of the same level, they save 5%-10% fuel and save 30000-50000 yuan per year

the development history of Dongfeng Tianlong KL and Dongfeng Tianjin Kr from 2.5 tons of eq240 to the new generation of heavy trucks Dongfeng Tianlong KL and Dongfeng Tianjin Kr is the struggle history of China's commercial vehicle industry from scratch and from weak to strong

these two platforms are new platform upgrading products carefully created by Dongfeng commercial vehicle for customers

with their listing, Dongfeng commercial vehicle officially entered a new stage of "five. Mr. zobel estimated that the sales revenue of his business department accounted for 15% to 20% of the total sales revenue of the group. Large platform goods" were sold together, becoming a truck manufacturer with the most comprehensive medium and heavy truck commodity line and the most abundant products in China. The financing difficulty of small and medium-sized enterprises has become a dominant problem in academia since the beginning of the reform

what are the advantages of strategic new products

in October 2018, Shandong Tai'an user Hou Zhensheng chose Dongfeng Tianlong KL when changing trains. He specially made a comparison with the operation of the same line, saving 3900 yuan of fuel money in one month

not only fuel saving, the power of Dongfeng Tianlong KL and Dongfeng Tianjin Kr increased by 5%, reaching the industry-leading level. In terms of maintenance, Dongfeng Tianlong KL key assembly has really passed the 100000 km maintenance verified by the test

how does Dongfeng Tianlong kl

ensure reliable value

whether the market introduction of new products is successful, in addition to the excellence in the process of commodity development, R & D and trial production, and the precision and professionalism in the process of marketing services, what factors are needed to ensure its "reliable" value proposition

1. From the personal level, it is to do a good job in daily work

when we check the selection of each part, we should be selfless and not allow defective products to flow in

in every assembly link, we should have the spirit of ingenuity, and there should be no wrong or missing installation

in every quality inspection link, we should be conscientious and not allow defective products to flow out

at the completion of each work, we should think about whether vehicles can ride safely and efficiently in the north and south of the motherland. If possible, work in closed loop. For example, the increase of each piece is about 0 2 dollars is not available, please take the initiative to improve

product assembly

2. From the team level, it is to do a good job in the task division and employee emotion management of each employee, give full play to everyone's advantages and strengths, and let professional people do professional things

at the same time, we should also do a good job in the emotional management of employees, do not let employees engage in work with emotion, and do not let the striver be wronged

product testing

3. From the workshop level, it is necessary to systematically and scientifically organize production, continuously improve the company's C-to-C delivery capacity, and escort the company's commodity competitiveness in production and manufacturing

at the same time, we should constantly optimize the production process, reduce the labor intensity of employees, improve the dignity of workers, and care for the striver in thought and action

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