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Color flexographic printing of corrugated boxes

development process of corrugated box printing

with the continuous development of society, the printing of corrugated boxes is gradually moving closer to high-grade, high-quality and strong visual effects. In this development process, it has roughly experienced four stages:

1. Monochrome simple text printing

due to the influence of printing machine, printing plate, ink and other factors, the corrugated box at this stage only plays a function of packaging products and simple identification. The medium version of the automotive battery supply printed in the first quarter of 2017 is also dominated by hand carved rubber versions, and the form of cartons is relatively simple

2. Monochrome eye tone image and line printing with more than two colors

with the development of printing supporting technology, there were some changes in corrugated box printing in this period. Some simple monochrome eye tone images and lines with more than two colors can be printed. Carton packaging showed initial colorization, and photosensitive resin plates were used

3. The development of new plate making technology for color eye tone image overprint has laid a solid foundation for printing colorful corrugated boxes. In this process, the advantages of resin version and three primary colors were brought into full play, and color corrugated boxes with strong visual effects began to appear

4. Pre printing

because pre printing is first printed on web paper, and then on the corrugated production line for lamination and slitting, the color printing level of corrugated boxes has made a qualitative leap. However, due to large investment and high technical content, pre printing is still in its infancy in China

corrugated box color flexographic printing has become inevitable

now, people's understanding of packaging has changed fundamentally, and pleasing to the eye and convenient transportation have been put in the first place. Corrugated box is no longer a simple packaging, this development trend can be said to be inevitable

first of all, the transformation from planned economy to market economy has led to intensified competition for similar products. In the pursuit of high quality and low price, who can attract consumers more and stimulate their purchase desire, who will inevitably take the initiative in the market. Many commodity manufacturers have realized this and made a big fuss in advertising and packaging

secondly, from the strategic point of view that the price fluctuation of lithium hydroxide is not great, simple packaging is not conducive to establishing the brand image of the enterprise, and often causes consumers to feel that the product has low technical content and is shoddy. From a technical point of view, simple packaging is more likely to be imitated, resulting in a decline in product sales and reputation, and the potential losses are incalculable

thirdly, the deterioration of the environment makes people fully realize the importance of environmental protection. Because environmental protection solvents are used in the production of photosensitive resin plates and water-based inks are used in the printing process, the environmental pollution caused by printing is greatly reduced. Therefore, corrugated box direct color printing will become the development trend of color box printing

corrugated box flexographic printing has a huge development space

at present, in the world, although packaging printing has formed a tripartite situation of offset printing, gravure printing and flexographic printing, from the overall development trend, flexographic printing will dominate. Therefore, the development space of flexo printing and colorization of corrugated boxes is huge. This can be seen from the following analysis:

1 Low production cost

the offset printing process of corrugated boxes adopts the method of printing color surface first, then compounding and die cutting, while flexographic printing directly prints cardboard and then die cutting, which has higher production efficiency and less material consumption, so the production cost is low

2. High carton strength

due to different production processes, offset cartons have low strength, which is not conducive to long-distance transportation and affects the sales of products in a wide range of markets. Flexo printing is light press printing, which has little effect on the strength of cartons

3. Good visual effect

from the visual effect, offset printing is better than flexographic printing, but with the development of flexographic pre printing, this gap will be smaller and smaller. Moreover, corrugated boxes mainly reflect the visual effect at a distance of 3 ~ 5mm. Within this range, the visual effect difference between flexo printing and offset printing is very small

4. products can be anti-counterfeited

on the one hand, it is difficult to obtain printing data from flexographic color eye tone printing products. On the other hand, the cost of making a simulated flexographic product is also very high, which has a certain restrictive effect on counterfeiters

development of corrugated boxes in China

in China, the development of color printing of corrugated boxes is very uneven. Most carton factories still stay in simple dot and line printing, while coastal areas such as Guangdong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, Qingdao have begun to engage in color dot overprint and achieved success. Taking Qingdao as an example, the outer packaging of Tsingtao beer has changed from simple line printing to four-color printing with three colors, which has further strengthened the brand publicity of Tsingtao Beer series products, and also played a great role in the anti-counterfeiting of products. In general, the development of color tone carton printing in coastal and economically developed areas is relatively fast, while the western and economically underdeveloped areas are relatively lagging behind

at this stage, in terms of printing conditions, China basically has the foundation of flexographic color printing:

1 There are excellent professional flexo plate making companies in China

2. The use of water-based ink is basically mature

3. Many domestic carton factories have introduced three-color and four-color corrugated carton printing slotting machines

4. Various auxiliary materials can meet the needs

of course, complete hardware and supporting facilities do not necessarily produce high-quality color corrugated box printing products, which is also closely related to the specific printing operators and machine accuracy. At present, it has become the development trend of the industry. The problems existing in the printing of color corrugated boxes are mainly reflected in many aspects, such as inaccurate overprint, excessive inking, wrong printing color sequence, mismatching between the number of plate lines and the number of roller lines, etc. These problems occurred in the printing process can be gradually adjusted through practical operation, and finally reach the level of completely leaving the oil cylinder behind

to sum up, corrugated box color printing is an inevitable development trend. Fully understanding this trend and taking action will enable enterprises to maintain a leading position in technology and market, accelerate the benign development of enterprises, increase the added value of products, and enable enterprises to occupy an advantage in competition

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