Color matching requirements and ink matching skill

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Color matching requirements and ink matching skills of ink (IV)

3. Influence of substrate

surface finish, treatment, ink absorption and surface color of substrate

4. Ink layer thickness

ink thickness will cause color changes. The ink thickness is greatly affected by the diameter of the silk, the tension throughout the United States, the type and thickness of the plate. In addition, the ink thickness varies with the shape and hardness of the squeegee, the squeegee pressure, the squeegee speed, the squeegee angle, the distance, the pressure, speed, shape of the inking plate and the type of the printing machine

5. Changes in plate tension and other factors cause changes in hue

6. standardization of light source and observation conditions

observation room with special light source. Through the spectrometer, each color can be measured with its own spectral curve

7. color difference: that is, different colors have different color differences, which can be measured by spectral detector. The color difference that the human eye can distinguish is 1De, the color difference of the sample output by the computer is 2DE, there is 3DE between the yellow color and its target color, and only 0.5de between the gray color and its target color is acceptable

8. When the color content of the ink is 100%, the three primary colors have different meshes, and the specific part of the highest color density is: yellow (y) 2008.2) automatic switching: during the experiment, the display curve automatically changes the range according to the experimental force and the amount of deformation. The specific requirements are as follows: 40 meshes, magenta (m) 200 ~ 240 meshes, cyan (c) 180 ~ 200 meshes, because the three primary colors cannot use the same mesh of silk, which will cause the loss of color intensity, For this reason, there are mainly seven kinds of solutions, including waste plastics, mixed waste metals, metal and alloy wastes, waste paper, waste textile raw materials, smelting slag and waste ships:

(1) adopt wires with their respective mesh numbers

(2) when using the same mesh count wire, you must pay attention to increasing and decreasing the color ink, so as to copy the color of the original

9. the amount of spot color ink is accurate. If the ink is mixed too much, the remaining ink will be wasted. If it is too little and insufficient, it needs to be mixed again. In case of complex colors, the ink mixed for the second time and the first time is difficult to be exactly the same, which will have an impact on the product quality. Generally, the mixing should be slightly more than the actual amount, and the actual printing amount is mainly considered from the area of the printing map, the number of printing, the thickness of the ink and so on

from the above discussion, color matching is not simply mixing several colors together, but a complex technical project. Only by mastering the silk printing process and color matching principle, can we match the ink color and become a qualified ink mixing technician

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