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Lianqiang group: color management scheme

the representative of Lianqiang group will spend a short time to introduce Roland's service tenet printing machinery, meet customer requirements, improve printing quality, and introduce Roland's color management

in the process of output, printing plants will encounter different colors of printed images. The main method is to compare them with the monitor. We will take a good sample and reference it on the monitor, and we will find that there will always be more or less differences between his monitors. Why is this? Because the display has its own lust space, and the printer also has its lust space, including the characteristics of media and materials, a connecting carrier is needed in these aspects. what is it? Today we are going to talk about color management. You can see a very vivid explanation on the figure. On the left is an original image printing technology, on the right is a computer, and below is a printer. Of course, how to connect the printing machinery requires a work of color management. Generally speaking, it is referred to as ICC for short. Later, I will talk about color management called ICC. There are many aspects that affect the image color of printers. On the one hand, there are various brands of printers, such as piezoelectric printers, heat consumption printers, UV machines, and domestic ones. Due to the different printing technology between them, the images printed by DEK printer will be different. If it is the same printer, the printing accuracy or ink, as well as the local temperature and humidity conditions will affect the difference of the printed image, which can cause the commonly known color deviation

of course, Roland will have a color management method to improve the accuracy of printed images for text printing. Next, I will introduce his process in detail. The software Roland made by himself is called vswok software. Roland company is the first manufacturer of large picture printers in our advertising industry to make software by itself for sticker printing. He did not make software with the help of other software companies, so the color management method he provided is also based on the logical standard process. Of course, it has some specific functions, such as a variable print data. You may have heard of the function of variable print data to print China before. Of course, the data printed with variable data here is more in the industry of labels, logos or making machine serial numbers. They will use some variable databases to print

maybe we are doing T-shirt printing for some badges or ID cards. In the past, everyone used to do ID cards. Everyone has an image, name, number and position. If an enterprise has hundreds or thousands of people, you can use the traditional method to do it. If everyone makes an image, it may be very troublesome for you to package and print in the printing process. Even if you are not afraid of trouble, there will be errors in the process of operation. Roland makes a variable data printing method South China printing according to the variable database, which enables you to use your enterprise database to print a variety of proofing methods at the same time, avoiding the wrong Shanghai printing quotation and improving the printing efficiency

of course, the vswok software just mentioned was developed by Roland company. It can be automatically updated according to Internet, which is very suitable for our domestic people. Why do you say that? Because in the case that everyone wants to reduce costs, the software automatically updated by Roland company is free. Only your computer can be connected to inter Panyu printing, and your software can always maintain the latest version and the latest color curve to ensure that your color management is correct. Of course, vswok software also provides a simplified version for Chinese people, so it is very simple and convenient for everyone to use. He also has a software that can support four different Roland printers to print business cards in Shenzhen, including the previous Roland lettering machine. Of course, the lettering machine here includes GX series. If you are familiar with Roland lettering machine, you should know this model. These are the four experimental machines. What is the most popular purpose of this printer? On the one hand, it is to improve the printing efficiency of rice paper printing, and on the other hand, it is to reduce the cost. How to say it here is to reduce costs, because you can imagine with me that if you have four printers for printing and packaging in China, because our current inkjet printing company or advertising company is growing larger and larger, it is impossible to say that a company only has large image printers for printing recruitment in Shanghai, there must be two or three. If every one is equipped with a computer, your cost will have increased invisibly. Now Roland can help you solve this problem. You can use one computer to control four Roland printers and print the quotation of the printing factory at the same time, which can save the computer cost and avoid the cumbersome operation. This is the unique place of Roland, which can support four printers at the same time

another point is that in the actual use of the DEK printer, we will always encounter customers with excellent colors printed from images, or we cannot provide a standard color. What should we do? Roland also provides a way of printing paper called Roland color table in this regard. What does it mean? In Roland's software, you can print a color table Library of various colors for everyone. In this way, your designers can find out the color you need according to your color table library. Word printing ensures that the image you finally make is consistent with the printed image

of course, the vision of Chinese people is different from that of other customers in Europe and America. For example, Chinese people like red printing and production, and foreigners also like red, but Chinese red always feels different from that of foreigners, so we will define red as a name called China red. It can print very strict color T-shirt printing. Roland provides a color mode. Its color mode will be more than ordinary. Our Roland's soft. Therefore, we must regularly check the temperature and vibration of the electromechanical and the color mode in the internal wires. The color mode in the parts will be larger than that of Adobe's gravure printing, so our Roland's color is very rich. Of course, if you are interested in this function after the meeting, you can also visit it and show you the common color mode

back to 4. Other points for attention: the key parts of the experimental machine (such as jaws, gearbox, etc.) should often be filled with grease. The management process of Roland color software is very simple. There are no more than four steps to print self-adhesive. First, Roland software will create a template for you. In fact, it is understood that you can create a new media. For example, if we want to test some PVC or PP Hongbo printing, you can give it a name. The second step is to correct the limitation; The third step is to make an ink volume control printing technology to suit the ink volume of the medium you are testing. Fourth, ICC can be produced through third-party software to complete color management. Very simple printed version, only four steps, you can make a complete color management. The first step is to establish the medium, the second step is limited correction map printing, and the third step is to control the ink volume; The fourth step is to make our third-party ICC. Of course, in the image you see here, we use ICC formed by a third party

these map printing, in fact, is very simple. After using this software, if you want to do color management rice paper printing, you only need to buy a third-party color instrument, and you don't need to buy a corresponding color correction software

just now, I'm going to give you a brief introduction. Next, I'll show you a software interface printing industry press to enhance your impression of this software. This interface is in Chinese, and the ink printed out includes too many colors. Here is a "restrictive process", he added. Then it is the ink volume control printing paper, printing the color ink volume of four documents, to achieve the option suitable for your own materials. Finally, use the third-party software to mobilize ICC for color management

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