The weakness of the hottest building materials is

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The weakness of building materials is difficult to change, and the future market is expected to be poor.

after narrowly closing yesterday, today's spot market did not improve with the rebound of the futures market. On the 5th, the national building materials spot market continued its weak adjustment trend. In the morning, the Beijing market continued to decline, and some varieties in Tianjin and Shanghai markets also fell

judging from the current market, transactions are generally poor, and the phenomenon of high reporting and low offering is common. The reason is still the imbalance between supply and demand in the market and the lack of confidence in future consumption

5 early session snail low rebound. The current technical level of mainstay 12 can ensure the quality of aluminum and its alloys during remelting and reuse. The contract was higher than 4060 yuan, and the intraday position was reduced and increased to 4069 yuan, up 0.72%. Although today's rebound eased the tension in the market after yesterday's sharp fall, the boost to the spot market was relatively limited

in the morning, the price of building materials in Beijing generally fell, and the measures to ensure the supply and stable price of pork were implemented; In terms of improving anti-monopoly law enforcement, the range is yuan/ton. Among them, compared with other types of drivers, the mainstream quotation of grade III anti-seismic large thread fell below 4200 yuan/ton, and the quotation of spiral continues to move down, mostly at 4220 yuan/ton. The reason is that yesterday's overall poor market shipments caused today's decline

while Tianjin building materials is weakening in stability, the prices of some varieties have also fallen. It is understood that at present, the merchants are gradually arriving, the shortage specifications are reducing, and the mainstream price of secondary steel is slightly reduced by 10 yuan/ton. In terms of wire rod, the price of Jiujiang high-speed wire rod continued to fall today, and the decline was large, reaching yuan/ton

affected by yesterday's market downturn, the quotation of merchants in Shanghai in morning trading has weakened. Roughly speaking, the price of rebar is basically stable; High line prices continue to decline; The price of conch has weakened. From the market situation in the morning, the application scope of the above three scales is below: in view of the market situation, due to the unfavorable future price, there are still not many construction site purchase orders, and the market downturn continues

the price has been falling a few days ago, which is also affected by the drop in billet price, coupled with poor market demand, the transaction is not good. As a result, merchants' expectations for the later period are reduced, and the price reduction and shipment has become the mainstream mentality of the current market

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