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Introduction to the 2012 New Year's dedication of Changlin shares: with the joy of a bumper harvest, we bid farewell to the fruitful 2011 by caizhongqing, Secretary of the Party committee and general manager Chen Wei; With the passion of struggle, we usher in 2012 full of hope. On the occasion of the change of the year, on behalf of the leadership of Changlin Co., Ltd., we would like to extend our congratulations to all employees of the company

General Manager Chen Wei

with the joy of a bumper harvest, we bid farewell to the fruitful 2011; With the passion of struggle, we usher in 2012 full of hope. On the occasion of the change of the year, on behalf of the leadership of Changlin Co., Ltd., we would like to extend our sincere greetings and spring festival greetings to all employees of the company! I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all the leaders at all levels and friends from all walks of life who care about and support the operation and development of Changlin shares in the past year

2011 is a very unusual year in the development history of Changlin. Through the joint efforts of all Changlin people, Changlin, which broke through the year, withstood the test of macro-control, bucked the trend in the tight encirclement, and achieved a new high of 2.137 billion yuan in operating revenue; The market share of loaders has rebounded steadily; The sales volume of excavators and loaders nearly doubled; The construction of overseas sales platform has begun to take shape, the export business has received frequent good news, and major orders have continued

in the year of breakthrough, we have successfully entered the new home; In the year of breakthrough, we successfully realized the refinancing of lechal smart shoes, which were originally designed for the blind; In the year of breakthrough, we successfully completed the grand celebration of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the plant; In the year of breakthrough, we reorganized the new leadership of the company. The smooth completion of the new industrial park, the smooth realization of refinancing and the complete purchase of new equipment have expanded the production capacity and improved the quality assurance ability, laid a better foundation for the development of Changlin, built a platform for take-off, and left room for the rapid growth in the future

2012 will be a key year for the transformation and upgrading of the company, and an important year for realizing the benefits of additional issuance, relocation and culture. Looking forward to the new year, we are facing many difficulties, such as the unclear trend of market evolution, the breakthrough of transformation and development, and the increasing pressure on income and efficiency. At the same time, we are also facing various advantages, such as the bottoming out and recovery of the market downturn, the prospect of macro policy relaxation, and the rise of the leading edge. It can be said that challenges and opportunities coexist, and difficulties and hopes coexist. Although the industry is generally depressed at present, it is a good time for Changlin to catch up. We should seize the opportunity to run in and optimize the process, highlight the advantages of the new industrial park, further improve our quality and supply capacity, and fully show and strengthen the effect of additional issuance and relocation

all Changlin people should act quickly and actively create a serious, serious, persistent and responsible working atmosphere; We should face up to challenges, rise to difficulties, innovate and seek change, transform and upgrade; We should be brave, innovative, conscientious and honest for the development of the company; We should take "doing a good job in Changlin" as our career, make progress in stability, make fast progress in stability, and be good and fast

in 2011, Changlin celebrated her 50th birthday. The glory of 50 years belongs to the past, and 2012 opened a new chapter in the last 50 years of "one hundred years of evergreen forest". To achieve "a century old enterprise, evergreen", our cause has a long way to go, our shoulders are heavy, and who is our mission? We live in a great era and are engaged in glorious undertakings. The times have provided us with an infinitely broad stage and rare historical opportunities, and the cause has given us unparalleled dignity and glory. The development path of enterprises is always tortuous. A successful enterprise is always good at seizing opportunities and accelerating development in good times, and coping with challenges and forging ahead in adversity. In the face of difficulties and tests, as long as we all Changlin people work with one heart and one mind and go against the trend, we will overcome any difficulties and create a better future for Changlin

we are duty bound to build Changlin; To revitalize Changlin, we will do our part

rabbit year old management showed a jump; The achievements in the year of the dragon will take off. The bell of the new year is the call to set sail and the bugle of inspiring people. Let's stand at a new starting point, hold high the banner of scientific development, shoulder the mission entrusted by the times, strengthen our confidence, work hard together, meet the victory of the 18th CPC National Congress with excellent results, and jointly create a better future for Changlin (2) regular oil replacement

I sincerely wish my easily damaged parts are different, and your Changlin will have a better tomorrow! I sincerely wish all employees a more smooth work, brilliant achievements, happier mood, healthier body, happier family and happier life in the New Year! Thank you

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