2013 annual report on the construction of China's

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China's independent innovation capacity-building 2013 annual report

a large number of high-tech enterprises have risen rapidly. The number of high-tech enterprises in the country within the validity period is nearly 60000; Among the 355 enterprises listed on the gem, high-tech enterprises account for 93%. Huawei, ZTE, Lenovo, Baidu, Tencent, Zoomlion and other enterprises have grown into world-renowned large enterprises, with the ability to compete with multinational giants

looking back on 2013, China has made outstanding achievements in independent innovation, with many highlights.

on the commanding heights of international scientific and technological innovation, China's names have frequently appeared: the docking of gods in space, the successful lunar exploration of Chang'e, the manned sea diving of Jiaolong, the launch of kuaizhou-1, the flying of yun-20, Tianhe regained the world's top, observed the quantum abnormal Hall effect for the first time, found four quarks of matter for the first time, and the yield of super rice per mu reached 988 kg, Whether to choose ball screw or trapezoidal screw for the first intelligent high-speed train in 4G licensing operation? Before the decision was made, Huawei, ZTE, Tencent, aerospace technology and other Chinese enterprises became international industrial giants through independent innovation, which was concerned and respected by international peers. They led the transformation of made in China to intelligent manufacturing in China, which was the first step in improving the quality, efficiency and upgrading of China's economic development

in the quietly changing lifestyle of Chinese people, it is also marked with the brand of Technology: the shopping Carnival such as the "double 11" has robbed the popularity of shopping malls in the discount season, making Weibo SMS gradually lose its mainstream position conveniently and cheaply. Didi Kuai has left the traditional car Hailing service in the cold. Alipay, Yuebao and other babies are causing anxiety in commercial banks. Distance education and telemedicine have made distance no longer bother people, People's clothing, food, housing and transportation can be done in the finger dance, and new life experiences breed new industries

all this is not only an important achievement of implementing the innovation driven development strategy, but also provides useful experience for further accelerating the implementation of this strategy

the year of opening has a good start

2013 is the first year to comprehensively implement the spirit of the 18th CPC National Congress and implement the innovation driven development strategy. We have played an important role in the reform of the scientific and technological system, continuously improved our ability of independent innovation, more closely integrated science and technology with the economy, and played a more prominent role in supporting and guiding economic and social development

The 18th CPC National Congress made a major deployment to implement the innovation driven development strategy, emphasizing that scientific and technological innovation is the strategic support to improve social productivity and comprehensive national strength, and must be placed at the core of the overall national development. This is a major strategic choice made by the Party Central Committee to comprehensively analyze the general situation at home and abroad, based on the overall situation and facing the future. It is a fundamental measure to accelerate the transformation of the mode of economic development, solve the deep-seated contradictions and problems of economic development, and enhance the endogenous driving force and vitality of economic development, which is of great significance. The high-tech zone should do a solid job in the two articles of high and new; Enhance the core competitiveness of industry, and form a new industrial development pattern in which strategic emerging industries and traditional manufacturing industries go hand in hand, modern service industries and traditional service industries promote each other, and informatization and industrialization are deeply integrated; Give full play to the main role of enterprises, support and guide the agglomeration of innovation elements to enterprises, and constantly enhance the innovation power, innovation vitality and innovation strength of enterprises; We should strengthen the construction of scientific and technological talents to provide a broader world for talents to play a role and display their talents

on the basis of general consensus, the whole country is thinking and working hard in one place, and the strength of scientific and technological innovation is significantly enhanced. In 2013, the annual research and experimental development (RD) expenditure was 11906 billion yuan, an increase of 15.6% over the previous year, accounting for 2.09% of GDP; The full-time equivalent of R & D personnel reached 3.247 million person years, ranking first in the world, accounting for 29.2% of the global total; The number of international scientific papers ranks second in the world, and the number of highly cited papers ranks fourth in the world; The number of invention patents applied for and authorized by Chinese people ranks first and second in the world, accounting for 37.9% and 22.3% of the global total. The proportion of high-tech industry exports in manufacturing exports ranks first in the world, and the added value of knowledge service industry ranks third in the world

deepen reform and optimize the innovation environment

over the past year, China's scientific and technological system reform has been deepening, and key measures have made substantial progress

in 2013, the national leading group for scientific and technological reform earnestly performed the function of promoting the reform of the scientific and technological system as a whole, and issued 27 new measures to implement the opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on deepening the reform of the scientific and technological system and accelerating the construction of the national innovation system; With the approval of the State Council, the Ministry of science and technology canceled and delegated 6 administrative approvals, exceeding 30% of the administrative approval projects of the Ministry of science and technology; The Ministry of science and technology, together with the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee and other 9 units, improved the evaluation of scientific research projects, talent evaluation and institutional evaluation, reduced the number of projects by 28%, and further improved the evaluation mechanism; In order to remove the institutional obstacles that hinder the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, the Ministry of science and technology, together with relevant departments, has accelerated the revision of the law on promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. The revised draft has been submitted to the State Council and solicited public comments from the public; Policies such as "several opinions on improving and strengthening the management of scientific research projects and funds of the central government" and "Regulations on the administration of national science and technology plans and post subsidy of special funds" have been issued, and the reform of national scientific research projects and fund management has reached a new level

in order to mobilize the endogenous driving force of enterprise innovation, the general office of the State Council specially issued the "opinions on strengthening the dominant position of enterprise technological innovation and comprehensively improving the innovation ability of enterprises", which comprehensively deployed the goals and tasks of promoting enterprise technological innovation; The Ministry of finance, together with the Ministry of science and technology and the State Administration of Taxation, issued four new policies, including the "notice on carrying out pilot projects in the Zhongguancun national independent innovation demonstration zone for the identification of high-tech enterprises in the field of supporting technology in the cultural industry", which is a new round of policy innovation after the Zhongguancun 1+6 series of pilot policies. At the same time, some reform policies in the Zhongguancun demonstration zone have been extended to the East Lake, Zhangjiang and Hewu Beng pilot zones. In addition, in recent years, a series of preferential policies issued by relevant ministries and commissions to stimulate enterprise innovation have been implemented

breakthroughs have been made in the construction of the basic system of science and technology management. The "guiding opinions on accelerating the establishment of the national science and technology reporting system" has been studied and drafted. The national science and technology reporting service system has been put into trial operation, and 3000 science and technology reports have been opened to the whole society, which not only promotes the sharing of scientific research achievements, but also avoids the duplication of scientific research projects; The construction of national innovation survey system has also achieved a good start, forming 16 sets of innovation capacity monitoring and evaluation index system; 10 985 colleges and universities carried out pilot projects for the open sharing of large-scale scientific instruments and equipment (facilities)

what is more noteworthy is that a number of reform measures with high gold content and strong operability took the lead in local breakthroughs. Nanjing 9, Wuhan gold 10 and Jinan 11 have taken bold measures in promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and encouraging scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurship

the supporting and leading role of science and technology highlights

Science and technology has given full play to its supporting and leading role in improving the quality, efficiency and upgrading of economic development. In 2013, the total revenue of 105 national high-tech zones is expected to exceed 19.5 trillion yuan, an increase of about 18% year-on-year. Technology transfer and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements are accelerated; In 2013, the turnover of national technology contracts reached 746.9 billion yuan, an annual increase of 16%. The scientific and technological content in economic and social development has increased. In 2013, the main revenue of the national high-tech industry is expected to exceed 11trillion yuan, an increase of 10% year-on-year

significant results have been achieved in major national scientific research projects and demonstration projects. Relying on major national science and technology projects, TD-LTE's whole industry chain technology has developed rapidly, and 4G licenses have been issued, officially entering the market; The autonomous and controllable mobile intelligent terminal operating system was successfully put on the market; The high-end general chip technology has reached the international advanced level and is applied to high-performance computers such as Tianhe and Shenwei Blu ray; High end integrated circuit equipment such as packaging lithography machine and ion implantation machine have been put into mass production and sold overseas, and the technical level has entered the international mainstream; The technical level and international competitiveness of China's automobile manufacturing stamping equipment have achieved major breakthroughs, and many production lines have been exported to developed countries; Tertiary oil recovery technology in ultra-high water cut old oil fields has been popularized and applied in 16 blocks, with an enhanced oil recovery of more than 10%; With the help of the demonstration projects for the application of innovative achievements such as thousands of cars in ten cities, thousands of lamps in ten cities and golden sun, nearly 30000 energy-saving and new energy vehicles have been promoted, and the application of LED lamps has saved more than 2billion kwh per year, further promoting industrial transformation and upgrading

food is the most important thing for the people. Science and technology has increased China's grain output for ten consecutive years and enriched the vegetable basket. In 2013, the contribution rate of agricultural scientific and technological progress in China reached 55.2%, the coverage rate of improved varieties of major crops reached more than 96%, and the comprehensive mechanization rate of crop cultivation and harvest reached 57%. Since the 12th Five Year Plan, the grain high-yield science and technology project has increased grain production by 63.42 million tons, increasing benefits by 67.4 billion yuan. Scientific and technological innovation in the seed industry continued to advance, creating 535 new varieties of high-quality, disease resistant and high-yield rice, corn, wheat, soybeans, rape, cotton and sweet potato, and the promotion of improved varieties reached more than 350 million mu

enterprises' innovation ability has been comprehensively improved

enterprises' innovation consciousness has been continuously strengthened, and their innovation ability has been significantly improved. In 2013, the R D expenditure of enterprises accounted for more than 76% of the R D expenditure of the whole society. The number of state key laboratories and engineering centers built in enterprises has reached 99 and 313, and 887 national enterprise technology centers have been recognized. Taking the 2013 National Science and technology award as an example, 46.15% of the first prize of the science and Technology Progress Award (general project) was completed by enterprises, an increase of 7.6 percentage points over 2012; Enterprises accounted for 35.82% of the second prize, an increase of 4.4 percentage points over 2012. Private enterprises also performed well, accounting for 6.11% of the second prize of the 2013 annual scientific and Technological Progress Award (general project) with private enterprises as the first completion unit. For another example, 52.3% of the major scientific and technological projects are led by enterprises

a large number of high-tech enterprises have risen rapidly. The number of high-tech enterprises in the country within the validity period is nearly 60000; Among the 355 enterprises listed on the gem, high-tech enterprises account for 93%. Huawei, ZTE, Lenovo, Baidu, Tencent, Zoomlion and other enterprises have grown into world-renowned large enterprises, with the ability to compete with multinational giants

technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises are growing rapidly. The Innovation Fund for science and technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises has supported more than 30000 enterprises, and more than 1500 science and technology business incubators are incubating more than 70000 enterprises. Take Tianjin as an example. At present, there are 50000 small and medium-sized technology-based enterprises and more than 2310 small giant enterprises

the emergence of world cutting-edge achievements accelerated

in 2013, a large number of major achievements in the field of basic research won plaudits from the world

in this year, Chinese scientists have continuously made the highest level of basic research achievements,

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