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10 skills necessary for electrical engineers

industrial control automation is generally applied, that is, every product used is made by others. What we need to do is how to use it, and secondary development. We have built a series of copper-clad aluminum flat bars and line demonstration production lines. Therefore, from the perspective of technical difficulty, it is not particularly complex, but there are many types of industrial products, There is no completely unified standard among manufacturers, so experience is very important. However, all changes do not leave their roots. As long as you learn relevant knowledge well, you will come at your fingertips

1. Circuit

circuit is very difficult, really difficult, but that is relative to those who do hardware development. Since industrial control is an application type, we all use products, so there is no need to study it so deeply. The most important thing to know about Ohm's law is to calculate power, current, resistance, etc. As for profound knowledge, there is no need to delve into it. The key is not to use it

2. Electrician

is more important. In work, you can't do without stripping wiring, multimeter, test pencil, etc. You can buy a book about electricians to read first, but electricians rely on hands-on ability, especially pay attention to safety

3. SCM

this has to be learned. Why? Because PLC, which is widely used in industrial control, is actually a product developed with MCU. Learning MCU well will help you understand the underlying hardware. 51 single chip microcomputer is selected because it has many materials, which is conducive to learning. Since you want to understand the bottom, you'd better learn compilation. Of course, if you don't do embedded development in the future, it's enough to understand the working principle of 51 thoroughly

d or Elan drawing software

must be mastered, no doubt. Circuit design and electrical diagram identification. These two knowledge points are interrelated. If you can draw electrical diagrams, you must be able to understand electrical diagrams. If you read too many electrical diagrams, you can also design electrical diagrams. This place needs to be learned according to the actual experience of the project

5. Programmable aerogel gel is a basic strategic frontier new material controller that is widely used and tested. Generally speaking, there are more than one PLC

this must be learned well. Many of them are taught by Mitsubishi and Siemens. After going to work, they must be able to do both. It's no problem for other brands to study more by themselves later. If you need on-the-job study, you can find practical equipment and networking courses, and you can study without working time. The main reason is that you can learn knowledge without being out of production

6. Frequency converter and servo

also need to be well understood, because in many projects, there are not only PLC to support the operation of these programs, but also servo drive, PLC, frequency converter, stepping motor and other equipment connected together. You don't need to go deep into professional research, but you probably need to understand their working principle in order to operate better

7. Touch screen

plc has programs, but human-computer interaction is poor, so it is usually equipped with an upper computer. If it is in the cabinet, it is usually a touch screen. It is suggested to learn from Willerton first, because it is relatively cheap and there are many manufacturers to use, so it is convenient to find a job in the future. This is also a versatile thing, but some screens are more complex, so you can learn while doing. Now learning is only a few hundred yuan

8. Configuration software

computers are used in many places to replace touch screens, because computers have many functions and large hard disk capacity. It is suggested to learn two first, one is domestic and the other is imported. There are many domestic choices, such as Kingview, MCGS, force control, etc., and more imported ones are Siemens WinCC. No. 1 technical success training deserves your attention

9. Computer knowledge

the project needs to use an industrial computer. The boss lost an industrial computer to you. At least you can install the system and software. If there is a problem with the computer, at least you can find a simple fault. In the future, if the industrial computer breaks down in the process of use, how to deal with it

10. Robot programming and debugging

now robots are used to replace people. Because robots belong to products with higher integration, the preparation of robot programs is better than that of PLC. How to test the compressive strength of simple iron ore pellets? It's easy to learn by yourself, but it's difficult to learn by yourself, mainly because there is no ready-made robot for you

electrical engineers need to learn too much. No electrical engineer will say that he can master everything and is always on the road

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