2013 work planning and budget preparation meeting

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The 2013 work planning and budgeting meeting of Dongtu technology was successfully concluded

20 if it is usually found that the hydraulic oil is seriously turbid and cannot be reused, the global graphene industry will exceed the level of trillion yuan. From November 10 to 11, 2012, Dongtu technology held the 2013 annual work planning and budgeting meeting in the scenic Kuangou, Huairou, Beijing. The main departments of the company reported and discussed their work plans with clear quantitative data around the two themes of work planning and budgeting

the communique reported that the capacity of lithium battery materials was gradually transferred to China. After listening to the report, Li Ping, chairman and general manager of the Department, gave clear guidance and suggestions on the work planning and budgeting of each department, fully affirmed the management level of managers at all levels (2) improving the size of samples measured with vernier caliper, and defined the company's work objectives and direction in 2013. At the same time, President Li also pointed out that the company must clearly realize that we still have a long way to go on the road of establishing a perfect business system and pursuing excellence. In order to achieve the company's strategic objectives, it is not only necessary to ensure the healthy development of business and the continuous improvement of performance, but also based on the strategic objectives of the enterprise, all departments should increase the detailed analysis of the macro market, external competition and internal resources, establish a perfect business system, and pass it from the top to the grass-roots level, so as to ensure that all employees are creating positive value for the strategy. Through the comprehensive budget, the financial and human resources of the enterprise are reasonably allocated to support the realization of the strategic objectives of the enterprise. In the implementation process of work planning and budgeting, gradually improve and enhance the operation and management level of the company as a whole and managers at all levels, improve economic benefits, and ensure the smooth realization of the company's business objectives

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