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In order to strengthen the management of special operators, the administration department, human resources office, technology department, engineering department and quality control department of Jingong Machinery Co., Ltd. jointly organized and invited Quanzhou senior technical school and Quanzhou Safety Supervision Bureau, On december3,2014, the company conducted a survey on electric welders and cold workers in the company's structural workshop, Sheet workshop electricity "In addition, welders, cold workers, welders in the assembly workshop, and welders in the tooling group conducted safety knowledge theory and practical operation training, and about 80 company leaders and employees participated in the training.

Jingong machinery held the 2014 electric welder safety technology training class.

Mr. Ke Shuiyuan, the executive deputy general manager of Jingong, introduced that Jingong regularly carried out various training classes every year, not only to effectively strengthen the professional quality of employees, but also to achieve the goal of prevention and reduction Accurate test results all kinds of safety accidents caused by illegal operation. It is also to make relevant technicians and operators familiar with the safety production technical knowledge that must be mastered by the mixed gas electric welding industry (in general, called strength testing machine, tensile testing machine and universal testing machine MAG), master the relevant laws, regulations, rules and national standards for special operations, and master the safety theory and safety skills of electric welders, so as to have a higher theoretical level and practical operation ability, Ensure the quality of electric welding operation and construction requirements of the company

we should pay close attention to safety, and more often! As a professional construction machinery manufacturer for 35 years, Jingong has never relaxed its production safety management. In every production workshop, the most important thing is safety and efficiency. Jingong made a polyurethane filler cause the balloon suture to burst as before, strengthened safety supervision, took various measures to improve the safety awareness of employees, and set up a safety sail for the healthy growth of the enterprise and the happy life of employees

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